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It’s Up To Me — A Musical Revue

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, Musicals, New Releases

by Mark Ogden  (Perfect for Middle Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools, Youth groups) “WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SURVIVE? TELL ME WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING. WHAT LETS YOU KNOW YOU’RE ALIVE? WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL?” (The Cast sings from the opening song) This show provides some answers to these and other questions. Personal empowerment is the goal! Loosely based on Dr. Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, this is a fun approach to a serious subject. Welcome to the typical American neighborhood, where eighteen kids of all ages –  all ethnicities – all interests – are learning to identify their needs and then taking the responsibility for filling them. Well, they’re supposed to be taking responsibility, but a few of them are dodging it at every turn, some are even trying to escape it completely! Their quest...

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Sheila Rinear — playwright

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers

Sheila Rinear is a San Antonio-based, award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and teacher. Her work has been commissioned, developed and produced throughout the United States but especially in Texas where The Playhouse San Antonio, The Classic Theatre, and The Overtime Theatre have been her artistic homes. Commissioned six times in the past 8 years by the City of San Antonio to produce performance pieces for Luminaria, Rinear has also taught theatre for many years in NEISD San Antonio and Playwriting at Trinity University, as well as serving The Dramatists Guild as Regional Rep for Austin-San Antonio. ALSO VISIT HER WEBSITE: HERE Plays listed with Leicester Bay: A Day Without Palestine — A one-act Counter Intelligence — a one-act The Ransom Note (or Sweet Lily’s Peril) — a melodrama with songs Lifelines — a full-length Merry Gentlemen  Other plays: (some of these...

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Counter Intelligence — One-Act

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 in Latest, New Releases, Short Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Sheila Lynch Rinear (Perfect for College/University, Community, Church, High School and Professional Groups.) A Brooklyn diner’s business has fallen off in the days following 9/11. When a customer implies that the “Saudi Arabian-American student who works behind the counter might be the cause, the student counters with a very personal “pledge of allegiance.” Sheila was inspired and supported in writing the play because of the visually emotional effect that 9/11 had on the students of her school district; she calls it “a monstrous violation on the young people of the world. These young citizens seem to want to reclaim the world in the name of peace. I believe the character of Zan, (the Saudi-Arabian/American student), knows how to start the reclamation process.” This is a beautiful play about viewing the God of all the nations of the Earth...

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A Day Without Palestine — One-Act

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 in Latest, New Releases, Short Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Shelia Lynch Rinear (Perfect for College/University, Community, and Professional theatres.) Eve graduates from an expensive University and immediately takes an idealistic, fact-finding tour of the Israeli-Palestinian territory and the Wall in her effort to help bring peace to the people there. She also wanted to follow her passion in the search for truth and peace in a land rich in history and hurt. Upon her return she meets with her parents, Lisa and Rick, and Grandmother Rachael. The seemingly diverse ideologies in the different generations make for a tense meeting until a common ground is found and the daughter realizes that she is very much like her father. But that common ground is broken over the never-ending debate between Economics and Politics, and neither side can be reconciled, as she discovers walls obstructing her own family’s peace. (The...

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The Ransom Note or Sweet Katy’s Peril-A Melodrama of Unusual Mirth

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Sheila Lynch Rinear  Musical Supervision by Penny Compton (Perfect for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools and many youth theatre groups.) This show is great for fun-get-everyone-involved-fund-raisers, as well as for schools and youth groups. Want some silliness that doesn’t mean anything and goes nowhere but no one cares because they’re having too much fun? Then you have the idea of THE RANSOM NOTE. The typical melodrama characters are present in the story of money to be stolen by the Villain, a Heroine to be kidnapped, and a Hero to be educated. There are orphans, and animals, and fathers who come to the rescue. There are old time songs to be sung, talent to be auditioned, and Villains to be thwarted. It s a smile-a-minute, laugh-out-loud evening of frivolous merrymaking and a blast for your...

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Just Lucky I Guess — A Comedy

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 in Latest, New Releases, Plays

(or Six Characters In Search of a Fortune) a Comedy by Mark Ogden (Perfect for College/University, Community, and Professional theatres) Ken and Kasey — 20somethings, are in love and living together. Brad, Kasey’s younger brother moves in, temporarily. The apartment building where they live produces all sorts of interesting characters to complicate every single relationship in the group: a 27-year-old Choreographer who is into everything that the universe has to offer her, a recently divorced Keno runner who thinks she is cursed, and an ultra-religious accountant, making sure that at every opportunity she points out God’s relationship in everything. They are all looking for their ‘lucky’ break! The plot centers around that luck, and providence, love, marriage, witchcraft, faith, did we say love, and, oh — it all happens in Vegas! And it stays there!   PLAY DETAILS 2M...

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