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How many characters should I write for – BLOG 3 March 2017

Posted on Mar 30, 2017 in PLC BLOG

In a recent post on a Facebook Playwrights page the number of characters in a play or musical was discussed. Now: Number of characters does not necessarily mean the number of actors needed to play them. Double-casting, or multiple casting, is usually a directors choice, but sometimes a playwright may choose the device of one, or all, of his/her performers, playing multiple characters, including opposite gender casting. It is wonderfully theatrical! My collaborator and I are working on a musical that is looking like 8 characters will be portrayed by 8 actors. Our previous musical ended up having 8 characters needing 8 actors to tell the story. Anyone see a pattern developing? If you are expecting professional and regional theatres to produce your play, the cast numbers (not necessarily character numbers) must be lower (musicals can get away with...

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