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Why Do You Write For The Theatre — BLOG 27 July 2017

Posted on Jul 28, 2017 in PLC BLOG

Why do you write for the theatre? A Playwright, a Lyricist, a Composer? What gets you up in the morning to begin? What keeps you up at night, because the words or melodies in your head won’t leave you alone? What can interrupt any moment of any day, just so you can jot something down? Why won’t they leave you alone? What have you done to insure that you will always want to write? Can you define why you write? What drives you? If you can you will be on the road to a long and satisfying career, whether amateur or professional––or somewhere in-between. If you cannot, then don’t bother. Dedication and commitment are the two things that are necessary for any writer, let alone a writer of theatre. (Or should that be a ‘wrighter’ of theatre?) Your answers...

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Conflict — BLOG July 20, 2017

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in PLC BLOG

You know — many playwrights struggle over conflict. Some even wonder if they can do without it. Some think it is fine, but how do they use it? Some don’t like conflict, so they try to avoid it. Others prefer to just let their characters talk things out. In just trying to decide if you want, need or should write conflict, you have proven that conflict is essential and inherent in every story, in every relationship, in every thought process. You cannot do without conflict. Every scene, every ‘moment’ must have some level of conflict in it; some relationship to the story of the play. If we look at the acting system distilled from the Stella Adler school of acting, we come up with: Objectives, Obstacles, Tactics. (Which, of course, is based in The Method of another great acting...

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