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Realistic Dialog BLOG — March 8, 2018

Posted on Mar 9, 2018 in PLC BLOG

Have you ever heard the term “Realistic Dialog”? It is a very misunderstood concept. There is a huge difference between words sounding like someone could say them, that they come from a characters heart, and out of their mouth after hopefully passing through their brain; and speech that is directly off the streets, out of the boardroom, the school, the hairdresser’s salon, or any myriad of other types of locations where playwrights set the action of their plays. It is a good thing that the words being spoken by a character sound like that character would sound — logical, regional, conscious of their class and place in the world (unless of course, they are lying or creating a subterfuge). It is not a good thing for the words to sound like they just walked in off the streets, or...

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