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Musical Theatre: The Craft of Composing Lyrics — BLOG — December 28, 2018

Posted on Dec 28, 2018 in PLC BLOG

Crafting a Lyric Lyrics have the same forms as the music(1) — but which comes first: the music or the lyric? Usually — the idea. What follows depends entirely on the method of collaboration, even if the collaborator is yourself as a Composer-Lyricist. Sometimes a lyric will burst forth completely or nearly formed and just vomit itself onto your page. That is a rare blessing. Many times a lyric is constructed, shaped and moulded like a mini-play. Then you compose the music to it. Often times, a Lyricist is handed music, or music is played for him or her (sometimes over and over again) until he/she finds the rhythm and meter of the song. Then there are those instances where a bit of music or a bit of lyric begins the process followed by a bit more of lyric...

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Musical Theatre: The Craft of Composing Music — BLOG — December 6, 2018

Posted on Dec 6, 2018 in PLC BLOG

The Theatre Song TYPE (not an exhaustive list) The Overture — in olden times, as in Opera, and Operetta, the Overture was a separately composed, self-contained melody meant to get us ready for the action. Its transition to Musical Theatre enabled the composer to tease the audience with ‘gems’ from the score. And who is not happily teased by one of the greatest overtures in all Musical Theatre: GYPSY. The Showtune — (a particular type of Theatre Song, usually with a score full of them, and can appear in any of the forms below) The Reprise — a repetition of a song in the show to echo or remind us of the Protagonist’s, (or other character’s) want or need, or stumbling block. The Dance Number — a sung song with inherent need for dance, accomplished in a dance break...

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