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Five Short Musicals for Young Audiences — Volume 5 Plays for Young Audiences Series

#5 — 5 Short Musicals for Young Audiences

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  • The Zenith Escape by David Crespy and Meg Phillips Crespy won the 1st Place Prize at the 2017 Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest at Columbia Entertainment Company competition in Columbia, MO, and received a staged concert/reading at CES.
  • The Upstanders by Dean Olivet was originally commissioned and produced at Highlands Elementary in Edina, Minnesota to highlight the bullying awareness “Upstanders” curriculum used in the classrooms at Highlands.
  • The Skeleton In The School by Linda Britt and Colin Britt Premiered by the Community Little Theatre of Auburn, Maine
  • El Bully by Joe Rosenberg and C. Michael Perry
  • The Archer Who Went I Know Not Where To Fetch I Know Not What by Deen Ferrell and Larry Pearson Premiered by Brigham Young University’s The Young Company


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