Escape from Madame Eleanora’s • 90 minutes of Madcap Mayhem!

Escape from Madame Eleanora’s • 90 minutes of Madcap Mayhem!

by Eric Samuelsen

This is a decidedly dark drawing room comedy that will surprise you as politicians, priests, and prostitutes are lambasted and roasted in the grand style of farce. As the corrupt get their comeuppance in a most deserving way from the most surprising source of all, you won’t believe the fun you have had along the way with twists and turns after turns and twists! This escape is well worth it! The situations are adult, but the language is not.


  • 7f 7m
    • William Richards – A conman and a burglar (a short, slight gentleman with a slightly bookish appearance, well-dressed, and with a look of energy as well.)
    • Betsy Warner – A young prostitute (an exceptionally pretty, lively, intelligent young girl in her early twenties)
    • Rev. Joseph Peabody – A middle-aged and frustrated preacher (Peabody is middle-aged, and is quite sincere about the ministry, but he has never achieved much success in it. He is a gib man, incline to be stout, and of limited intelligence.)
    • Rev. Francis Hinkel – A young and frustrated preacher (small, thin, and quite distinctly uneducated. A certain unsteadiness of walk and speech reveals his crowning passion)
    • Mrs. Pulsipher – Wife of the mayor (a handsome, tragic, well-dressed woman.)
    • Bishop Artemas Bishop – Bishop of New Haven (a burly man, with a piratical countenance and swagger. He has a big black beard, and is otherwise the picture of health.)
    • Madame Eleanora – Madame of New Haven’s most exclusive brothel (a strong-featured woman in her early forties.)
    • Louisa Everest – One of her employees (in her middle twenties, attractive and sensible looking.)
    • Elizabeth Edumunds – Another employee (early to middle thirties, she’s quite tall, and big-boned, but by no means unattractive.)
    • Helen O’Tory – Another Employee (an empty-headed, but beautiful Southern Belle.)
    • Rosita – Their maid (a harried-looking maid)
    • Mayor Philemon Pulsipher – Mayor of New Haven (Enormous: immensely tall, immensely fat, and immensely pompous)
    • Hankie – A short, tough-looking, stupid constable 
    • Ratty – A local constable
  • Several locations
    • TIME: 1869
    • ACT I
    • SCENE ONE  — Street in New Haven Connecticut
    • SCENE TWO — Offices of the American Board Of Missionaries, immediately after
    • SCENE THREE — Parlor of Madame Eleanora’s Boarding House, shortly afterwards
    • ACT II— Parlor of Madame Leonora’s Boarding House, minutes later
    • ACT III
    • SCENE ONE — Parlor of Madame Leonora’s Boarding House, moments later
    • SCENE TWO — Outside the Jail, sometime later
    • SCENE THREE — a warehouse, immediately after
    • SCENE FOUR — a dock at the harbor, shortly afterwards
  • Period Costumes (1869, Connecticut, USA)
  • About 100 mins
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Escape from Madame Eleonora’s
A Drawing Room Comedy of the Darkest Ilk

Eric Samuelsen

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