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Plays and Musicals that speak to the Jewish Experience


Adam and Eve — a 10-minute play

Altars — a short play about Abraham, Isaac and Sariah (please email us)

American Dreams: Stories on Immigration – A Monolog Play

Caravan – A Play – A Happy Journey through the Wisdom Tales of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Esther: Queen of Courage – A 1-woman play

The Ice FrontA Play

Ruth and Naomi – A 1-woman play

Spoiled Cheese — A 10-minute play (A Post-Apocalyptic Adam and Eve)



The Anointed – An Epic Musical

Esther: The Musical Schpiel

Esther: The Musical Schpiel — Original Cast CD

The Fanny Brice Story — A Musical

Irving Berlin : In Person – A 1-man musical

Irving Berlin : In Person – Concept CD

Irving Berlin : In Person – Original Cast CD

The Irving Berlin Ragtime Revue

The Irving Berlin Ragtime Revue – Original Cast CD

The Irving Berlin Story — A musical

One Night With Fanny Brice – A 1-woman musical

One Night With Fanny Brice – Original Cast CD

One Night With Fanny Brice – Original New York Cast CD

Rapunzarella White: A Fairly Fractured Tale – TYA Musical

Saturday Night At Grossinger’s – The Borsht Belt Musical

Star of Israel – The Musical Story of Esther

Whatsoever – The Musical Story of Abraham

Whatsoever – The Live Cast CD

Many other titles at Premiere Theatrical Licensing, although not specifically Jewish in theme, or content, can be produced by any performing organization. Our PDF catalog, below, contains some of those titles, but not all.

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Authors of Plays about the Jewish Experience are encouraged

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