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A Day Without Palestine — One-Act

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 in Latest, New Releases, Short Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Shelia Lynch Rinear (Perfect for College/University, Community, and Professional theatres.) Eve graduates from an expensive University and immediately takes an idealistic, fact-finding tour of the Israeli-Palestinian territory and the Wall in her effort to help bring peace to the people there. She also wanted to follow her passion in the search for truth and peace in a land rich in history and hurt. Upon her return she meets with her parents, Lisa and Rick, and Grandmother Rachael. The seemingly diverse ideologies in the different generations make for a tense meeting until a common ground is found and the daughter realizes that she is very much like her father. But that common ground is broken over the never-ending debate between Economics and Politics, and neither side can be reconciled, as she discovers walls obstructing her own family’s peace. (The...

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The Ransom Note or Sweet Katy’s Peril-A Melodrama of Unusual Mirth

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Sheila Lynch Rinear  Musical Supervision by Penny Compton (Perfect for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools and many youth theatre groups.) This show is great for fun-get-everyone-involved-fund-raisers, as well as for schools and youth groups. Want some silliness that doesn’t mean anything and goes nowhere but no one cares because they’re having too much fun? Then you have the idea of THE RANSOM NOTE. The typical melodrama characters are present in the story of money to be stolen by the Villain, a Heroine to be kidnapped, and a Hero to be educated. There are orphans, and animals, and fathers who come to the rescue. There are old time songs to be sung, talent to be auditioned, and Villains to be thwarted. It s a smile-a-minute, laugh-out-loud evening of frivolous merrymaking and a blast for your...

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Caravan • a play

Posted on Mar 8, 2016 in Child and Youth Audiences, Plays, Religious Titles, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Plays, ZT Women Authors

A Happy Journey through the Wisdom Tales of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Carol Lynn Pearson “An enemy is someone whose story you do not know.” This play is a celebration of three cultures that often live in distrust and misunderstanding, but that have much in common and indeed have much to be learned from each other. The framework in which the tales of wisdom are told is that of a Caravan whose sole purpose is to select the next Sultan from the current Sultan’s two sons. The trick is that they are seeking the answer to a riddle: What is the most powerful force in the world? The wisest answer given upon their return from a year-long quest will become the Sultan. Through dramatic and comic moments the wisdom of Faith in its many faces and aspects is...

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Carol Lynn Pearson • Author

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

Carol Lynn Pearson is a well-known writer in a variety of genres. The unlikely area of poetry provided her first major success. Well over 250,000 copies of her poetry books have been sold and poems have appeared in literature books as well as Ann Lander’s column.  A book that brought major recognition in a different way is “Goodbye, I Love You”, the story of her life with her husband, a homosexual man struggling with the conflicts this brought to his life and marriage. After twelve years and four children, the couple ended their marriage and vowed to remain good friends. Six years later, in Carol Lynn’s home, where she was taking care of him, Gerald died of AIDS. Believing their story could help many others, Ms. Pearson decided to tell it. The book made her a popular guest on...

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Mother Wove the Morning • a play

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 in Award Winners, Latest, New Releases, Plays, Religious Titles, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Women Authors

by Carol Lynn Pearson Much of Carol Lynn’s life has been devoted to the search for the feminine divine, a search that culminated in writing Mother Wove the Morning. The play is made up of sixteen women throughout history searching for the female face of God – the feminine divine. The original script was a one-woman-show. But it has now been adapted for multiple performers with subsequent productions as an “equity showcase” in New York City, as well as by high schools, colleges and community theatres across the country. It all began in 1989 when Carol Lynn rented her local community theater in Walnut Creek (CA) for two weekends, sent out press releases, sold tickets, and opened the play, believing at least her friends would show up. They did. And lots of other people. The event sold out and...

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Forest Secrets — TYA

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, New Releases, NHTP Young People's Playscripts, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Genevieve Aichele (TYA, Children’s Theatre, Amateur, Professional, Educational) Set in Portsmouth, New Hampshire this beloved tale is about two children determined to save their beloved forest – and the enchanting mysteries hidden there in a story that is fun for the whole family!! When Kate Evans moves to a seaport town in New Hampshire, she is thrilled that her new home is located at the edge of an enchanted forest. She and her new friend and neighbor, Luke, explore the wonders of nature until they stumble upon an unsolved mystery hidden in a tree trunk. They ponder the questions: What are the magical secrets of the woods? Will we discover the secrets of the fairy houses? Can those secrets help us save the land we love before it’s sold and developed? This entrancing story is a delightful adventure...

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Genevieve Aichele — Author

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers

Genevieve Aichele is Artistic Director of New Hampshire Theatre Project in Portsmouth, and has performed, directed and taught theatre arts both nationally and internationally for over 35 years, including 20 years of directing the NHTP Youth Repertory Company. Genevieve has written dozens of story theatre scripts for use both onstage and in the classroom. Her adult scripts include Neighborhoods (2001 Portsmouth Spotlight Community Arts Award); original adaptations of Lysistrata and Finding the Prince; and Dreaming Again, commissioned in 2011 by the NH Humanities Council. As a storyteller, Genevieve performs with musician Randy Armstrong in World Tales. Their two CD’s have won numerous national and international awards. Her first audiobook recording, Forest Secrets by Tracy Kane, was released in 2012. Ocean Secrets, her first novel for young readers co-written with Tracy Kane, was released in May 2014. Genevieve received the...

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Susan Mondzak • Composer

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers

SUSAN MONDZAK’s works have been endorsed by numerous arts organizations, including the NYS Council on the Arts and the ASCAP Young Composer’s Competition. Susan has composed music for six original musicals and the film “The Adventures Of Mr. Enzyme.” Currently she produces “Teen Talk” on NYC radio.   PLAYS AUTHORED: COLUMBUS! A Musical Adventure (with Joe Cosentino) The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (with Joe Cosentino) (Eldridge Plays and...

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Lori Jacobs • Author and Composer

Posted on Jun 8, 2015 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers

Lori Jacobs was born in Detroit with a passion for all things creative and the fervor to perform them. She began writing plays and songs as a child. Always involved in music, theater, and the arts, Lori began singing professionally while teaching elementary school. Following the 1972 Capitol Records’ release of Free, her first album of original songs, Lori toured the country as a wandering troubadour at colleges and coffee houses and sang in local venues in the Detroit area for twenty years, where she was also involved in community theater. In 1998, Lori moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she became active in community theater as an actor, playwright, and theater administrator. In 2008, Lori received a Grand Award nomination for best actress for her portrayal of Golda Meier in Golda’s Balcony.. Her original children’s musical, Little Red...

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Esther: The Musical Schpiel

Posted on Jun 1, 2015 in Musicals, Religious Titles, Women Playwrights and Composers

Book, Music & Lyrics by Lori Jacobs The classic Biblical story with a twist, both an homage of Esther, herself, and a send up of the story. With a score made up of original songs based on Kletzmer Songs, Rap, Showtunes and even a little Country and Pop, this show is a rapid, surefire, farcical, tongue-in-cheek-retelling of the rise of Esther and her salvation of the Jews in Persia. (Performable by Professional, Community  & Church Groups, and Educational groups. ) PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 5M 2W 1 either m or f + ensemble of 6m 6f. About two hours Settings: Various Order # 3103 Available! REVIEWS Grand Rapids Press: June 16, 2006 – “Esther premiere shows real promise. 
’Esther, the Musical’ is a party with a purpose. Both goals were served well by the world premiere Thursday before a sold-out...

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Tangents — A Play

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 in Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Elizabeth Hansen (For performance by Professionals, Community Theatres, Colleges & Universities) Dr. Nancy Ellis, a gifted professor of clinical psychology, leads us on a journey into the troubled mind of Sandy Garrison, a young brilliant student with Multiple Personality Disorder. In a uniquely theatrical way, the personalities are portrayed by five different actresses, who battle, not only for control of “Sandy,” but the doctor as well. Nancy finds herself intrigued with “Sandy’s” different “selves:” Beth, quiet, kind-hearted, yet confused; Kirsten, filled with wisdom and compassion; Kelly, a bright and brave tomboy of 10; Lara, the 4-year-old, gentle and trusting, but full of pain and fear; and Trevin, Nancy’s nemesis, with a genius intellect and a rapid-fire wit, but who has never experienced a moment of joy. Nancy and “Sandy” parallel each other as they struggle with the demons...

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Pat Davis • Author

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

Pat Davis has been in show business in some form or another since she was 16 years old. A mainstay for many decades in Utah with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at the Promised Valley Playhouse, as director of the Triad Theatre, with the theatre department of Salt Lake Community College, and founder and Executive Director of The Grand Theatre, also a long-time member of the Church Activities Committee, Pat has excelled in all artistic and management endeavors. She is an actress, a director, producer, playwright and encourager of youth. For many seasons she directed and produced the 12 yearly productions at The Heritage School in Provo, Utah, where she was recently honored by having the 700-seat, multi-million dollar theatre, the “Pat Davis Theatre,” named after her. Pat, now a member of the Heritage School Governing...

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Don’t Forget To Remember • A Musical

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Child and Youth Audiences, Musicals, Religious Titles, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

A Musical for Today’s Teens and Families by Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rogers, Jr. and K. Newell Dayley (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, Youth Groups) A story about a teen, his machine and the unforeseen. This contemporary musical deals with the communication problems between parents and youth; and how each party has responsibility in the matter. A motorcycle crash enables a young man to be transported back in time and unknowingly receive the counsel that he needs from the Apostle Paul; once awakened in his hospital bed he remembers that counsel and uses it to help him solve his problems. PLAY DETAILS: 6M 3W 9TB 4TG 1B 1G plus chorus Unit Set 90 mins Order # 2044 PERUSAL MATERIALS A PDF PERUSAL PAGES file is available Don’tForgetToRememberPERUSAL It contains the first half of the script. SONG...

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Coming Of Age — A Play about Aging

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 in Plays, Senior Theatre, Seniors in Cast, Women Playwrights and Composers

A Play by Shirlee Hurst Shields (For production by Professional, Amateur, Educational, College/University, High School groups) Adult and Family Audiences. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing, there are two things ever present in your life that you cannot control: aging and the passage of time. This is a symbolic play within a play. Time and age are represented, respectively, by a large grandfather clock (FATHER TIME) and a young actress who portrays the dual role of Julie/ MOTHER AGE. The story follows Joan and Jerry from their marriage to retirement. Mothers-in-law, pregnancy, mid-life crisis, empty nest syndrome, life, love and sex after 60 bring a thoughtful humor to this play. The aging process is controlled by MOTHER AGE while time passes with the aid of FATHER TIME. The characters are very conscious...

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Merry Christmas, George Bailey! — A Staged Radio Play

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 in Christmas Plays and Musicals, Classics, Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

A Staged Radio Play by Shirlee H. Shields Based on the classic movie, “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” (written by Francis Goodrich, Albert Hackett & Frank Capra) (For production by Professional, Amateur, Educational, College/University, High School groups) Adult and Family Audiences This version of the popular and familiar film story is a fully staged radio play set as if in a radio studio in the 1940s. The battle for Bedford Falls, New York,  is on as George Bailey, hometown boy, combats the miserly Mr. Potter, with the help of his family, friends and an angel 2nd class named Clarence, with little help from Uncle Billy. All the familiar story elements are there but the charming setting in a radio studio give a special edge of performance charm. The perfect Christmas production for any theatre group. What a great hook-up with...

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Due Process: Hiram Bebee, Alias The Sundance Kid — The Play

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 in Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Shirlee Hurst Shields Based on a True Story Who was the Sundance Kid? The play is about justice on three levels. One: the ‘told’ story of the townespeople who witnessed the murder of their Marshal and their resulting vigilante justice; Two: the ‘justice unto himself’ of Hiram Bebee (The Sundance Kid), a self-styled philosopher who interpreted the law his own way; Three: the story of the court appointed lawyer who must adjudicate between the two and serve justice according to the ethics of his profession. The origin of Bebee’s moniker, ‘The Sundance Kid’ is revealed along with his times with Butch Cassidy, the Wild Bunch and their South American Odyssey. His love affair with Etta Place, who became his common-law wife and died on the Utah Prison steps after a visit. This historically accurate play reveals much more...

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A String of Pearls — A Play

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

  by Elizabeth Hansen (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools) “War does funny things to a man, but what does it do to a woman?” With their loved ones off to war, the five women in “A String of Pearls” have battles of their own to face while waiting out World War II on the home front.  They must learn to live on hope, wit and courage, and as the war touches them in different ways, they discover their own and each others strengths and frailties–sometimes painfully, often humorously. The setting of the play is a modest but warm New York Brownstone.  Here the women meet each week for their game of bridge that provides a momentary escape from the fears and uncertainties of war. Far from the front lines, they survive their own...

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Elizabeth Hansen • Author

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

Ms. Hansen is a Writers Guild Award winner and an EMMY-nominated screenwriter and consultant who has had a varied writing, directing, and acting career, that has taken her from the bright lights of Broadway working with the likes of Tommy Tune and Harold Prince, to the newsrooms of the Los Angeles Times where she had her own “Byline,” to the classrooms of Brigham Young University where she taught screenwriting and playwriting from 1994-2000 as well as helped focus their Screenwriting Program. After graduating with honors from the University of Utah, Ms. Hansen journeyed to Los Angeles to study musical theatre performance at the highly regarded Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Musical Theatre Workshop as well as acting technique with Charles Nelson-Reilly. From Los Angeles she moved to New York where she studied with the famed acting teacher Uta Hagen....

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Margaret Smoot • Author

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

Margaret Smoot is an Emmy award-winning writer/producer currently president of Smoot Productions, Inc. a media/communications company in Salt Lake City. She has written and produced television programs, screenplays, CD’s, videos and seminar training material for clients ranging from the LDS Church, Video West, Hallmark Cards, the First Amendment Congress, Metropolis Integrated Media and other local and national corporations. She produced the first two nationally syndicated television programs with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the 1980’s: “A Christmas Sampler” with Hal Linden and “An American Tribute” with John Schneider. During the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter games, Margaret was the Asst. General Manager for the Utah Media Center, an information/production resource to the worldwide media. The Utah Media Center included world-class production facilities, satellite uplink capability, sponsor booths and a news briefing stage. In that position, she also coordinated all...

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Gayanne Ramsden • Author

Posted on Sep 12, 2013 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers

Gayanne Ramsden is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Ph.D. from the Department of Theatre and Film with an emphasis in Children’s Theatre. She took, however, as many writing classes as she could. An adaptation of hers of the BREMENTOWN MUSICIANS was performed by the Rocky Mountain Youth Theatre. Dr. Ramsden’s play BEOWULF was performed as a staged reading at Brigham Young University and a full production was staged at Spanish Fork High School in Utah. It is published by Eldridge.  Dr. Ramsden has worked as a children’s librarian in both school and city settings. Telling stories is one of her favorite pastimes. She has finished a musical version of HEIDI and is currently working on a musical of EAST OF THE SUN — WEST OF THE MOON.   MUSICAL AUTHORED Heidi   PLAY AUTHORED Beowulf (At...

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Charlie’s Monument • The Musical

Posted on Jul 13, 2013 in Musicals, Religious Titles, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT New Test, ZT Women Authors

Book by Susan McCloud and Marvin Payne Lyrics by Marvin Payne Music by Newell Dayley based on the popular, best-selling novel by Blaine M. Yorgason (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Church Groups, Youth Theatres) It is the frontier! It is 1890. He has only one arm and a twisted foot. He stands on the mountain bravely watching over the town that cast him out — piling stones in some frail hope that he’ll be remembered. Then he is loved by one who sees and mirrors the bright spirit inside him. He is fulfilled, awakened, renewed. But then he is wounded, called to be tried and when all but love is stripped away, he is triumphant. Charlie is the tender, crippled man ostracized by his fellow citizens and it is Nellie’s love and faith...

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Shirlee Shields • Author

Posted on Jun 22, 2013 in Authors, Women Playwrights and Composers, ZT Authors, ZT Women Authors

Shirlee Hurst Shields has a B.S. in Speech and an M.F.A. in Theater from the University of Utah and a Ph.D. in Theater, Speech, and Cinema from BYU. She has given speech communication seminars to thousands of participants. Private students include political candidates, professionals, business executives, church and community leaders. She also is a playwright, director, and choreographer. She has written published manuals and magazine articles on the subjects of Speech, Theatre, and Dance, plus three produced plays and six readers’s theatre scripts. She is a published playwright and author with the titles WHERE IS JILL?, HIRUM BEEBE, COMING OF AGE, and the book Change Your Voice Change Your Image. Her work has been staged at the Babcock Theatre, BYU, BYU Hawaii, the Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs, CA, Assembly Hall at the Utah State Capitol, U of U,...

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Enchanted April: a musical

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Banner, Hansen-Perry Productions, Musicals, Premiere Musicals, Women Playwrights and Composers

A Month In Italy…In A Castle… Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Hansen Music, Lyrics and arrangements by C. Michael Perry based on the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim Appearing here under license from Hansen-Perry Productions. (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups. RIGHTS CURRENTLY RESTRICTED slightly — please inquire if you are interested in this show. Leicester Bay Theatricals is acting as AGENT for this musical. It is not considered a PUBLISHED musical, but one that is “in-process”.) London, 1922. It’s a rainy, miserable, dreary day in London and LOTTY WILKINS, a dowdy woman of about 30, is miserable and dreary in it. Longing for a respite from the rain, Lotty finds refuge in her women’s club where she happens upon an ad in the “Agony Column” of the London Times that reads: “To Those who...

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How The West Was Done • The Musical

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Hansen-Perry Productions, Musicals, Women Playwrights and Composers

Book by ELIZABETH HANSEN & ELAINE HANSEN Lyrics by ELIZABETH HANSEN & C. MICHAEL PERRY Music and arrangements by C. MICHAEL PERRY (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools,  Church Groups, Youth Theatres) HOW THE WEST WAS DONE is fast paced, toe tapping’, rip roarin’ “Western” show full of authentic American music and original songs that will both delight the heart as well as tug at its strings. The story, I hear’d tell, is like this: COOKIE, a right likable “swedish meat-ball” of a chuck wagon cook, has sent fer a mail-order bride. He shows up at a remote way-station to wait fer the stage coach when who should he find? A handful of our fav-o-rite Western types: LUCKY, the Gambler; CURLEY, the true-blue Cowboy; and SHERIFF, the…well…Sheriff. Well, sir, after talkin’ and singin’ a...

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Of Babylon — A Musical Journey

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Child and Youth Audiences, Classics, Musicals, Women Playwrights and Composers

Book by C. Michael Perry & L. Susan Lewis Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry (TYA) (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Church Groups, Youth Theatres) The time: Man after he has all but destroyed his civilization. The survivors live in primitive tribal societies and worship the “Gods” who, as legend has it, dwelt of old in “The Place Of The Gods”. A young boy sets out on his quest to become a man and finds the ruins of that forgotten and forbidden civilization. He learns and grows and begins to strike out with new hope to rebuild all that was so carelessly lost by his human predecessors. The story is adapted from Steven Vincent Benet’s post-apocalyptic tale, “By The Waters Of Babylon.” This is NOT your Rodgers & Hammerstein show. The music...

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Where Is Jill – A Musical for Children

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Child and Youth Audiences, Elementary School Musicals, Musicals, Women Playwrights and Composers

A multi-media musical for children by Shirlee Shields Music by C. Michael Perry (TYA) (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, Elementary Schools, Church Groups, Children’s Theatres/Youth Theatres) WITH AMBER ALERTS STILL HEADLINING THE NEWS NETWORKS AND NEWSPAPERS, THIS MUSICAL OFFERS A FUN AND CREATIVE WAY TO HELP YOUR CHILD TAKE CARE OF ONE THING THAT THEY CAN MANAGE: TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WITH WHOM. Jack cannot find Jill to make their usual daily trip up the hill to fetch a pail of water. He seeks the help of his friends in Nursery Rhyme Land to search for her. The news of Jill’s disappearance is picked up by national TV and soon becomes the concern of the President of the United States and the United Nations. The United...

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