Four Bio-Musicals by Chip Deffaa • Playwrights on the Page Series • Book 14

by Chip Deffaa

  • The Fanny Brice Story
  • The Irving Berlin Story
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • The Seven Little Foys: An American Vaudeville

Chip Deffaa has long been considered an expert, a conservator, an aficionado, on George M. Cohan, Irving Berlin, Fanny Brice and The Foy family. His curation of the musical treasure trove of the songs of the early 1900s – from Musicals and Tin Pan Alley – that pre-American Songbook cache of music that defined several generations, has yielded books and musicals dedicated to the preservation of these songs and the people who wrote and performed them.

The four musicals listed above are but a few of the more than 30 titles of Plays, Books and CDs Chip has produced in his lifetime. They contain songs that America (and the world) needs to hear again. Patriotism, honor, a sense of innocence, the pure joy of a ragtime (or other simple and wonderful melody) that can be instilled in a human heart, all drive the creation of so many projects. We need them, now, more than ever.

Plays are usually only considered as art on the stage. But their message is also communicated through the page — the written word. Yes, you are not watching actors performing on a stage, but I would be willing to wager that the play will perform itself on the performance space of your mind — which can be a powerful venue. Our imaginations are the primary reasons we attend the theatre. They are also crucial to our reading of theatre — The Editor


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