LBT Women Authors • Alpha Listing

Women make up 51% of the population.

Yet, only 17% of plays produced are written by women.

(From the Festival 51 Women’s Playwrighting Festival in Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

Here are our Women Playwrights, Lyricists, Bookwriters and Composers:

Aichelle, Genevieve (playwright)LBT

Britt, Linda (playwright, lyricist)LBT

Brown, Jody D. (playwright, author)LBT

Coles, Christie Lund (playwright)ZT

Davis, Pat (playwright) LBT/ZT

Gaver, Alexandra Grace (playwright)LBT

Gourley, Wendy (playwright) LBT

Hansen, Elizabeth (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Hogan, Barbara Howe (playwright, composer, lyricist)LBT

Jarvik, Elaine (playwright) LBT

Kim, Susan (Playwright) LBT

King, Gayanne Ramsden (playwright, lyricist)LBT

Kraus, Joanna H — (playwright)LBT

Marbacher, Jes (playwright)LBT

Mew, Patricia (playwright)LBT

Nii, Jenifer (playwright)LBT

Pearson, Carol Lynn (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Reck, Jennifer (playwright)LBT

Rinear, Sheila (playwright)LBT

Shepherd, Morag (playwright) LBT

Shields, Shirlee Hurst (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Tucker, Emily Rose (composer)LBT

Young, Heather (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT