Playwrights On The Page SERIES

Books in print form of our Plays and Musicals,

available for perusal or for rehearsal/production use.

Plays are usually only considered as art on the stage. But their message is also communicated through the page — the written word. Yes, you are not watching actors performing on a stage, but I would be willing to wager that the play will perform itself on the performance space of your mind — which can be a powerful venue. Our imaginations are the primary reasons we attend the theatre. They are also crucial to our reading of theatre.  — The Editor

KINDLE versions are available through the link to and are for perusal purposes and personal reading purposes only.

Single copies of PRINT BOOKS are for perusal purposes.

Production Copies of PRINT BOOKS can be used for rehearsal/production purposes if the PRINT BOOK contains 1 or 2 plays and you buy the minimum amount listed for production. No multiple play books are eligible for use as a Production Copy. The number of copies varies with the play according to cast size + 3 Staff/Technical.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders will add Maine Sales Tax + Media Mail postage to your destination.

More titles to be added periodically.

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