LBT Premiere Musicals • Alpha Listing

The musicals on this list have not been performed in their current versions. They are available a low royalty rate and you get WORLD PREMIERE rights — the rights to boast and brag! The rights to have input on the shaping of a new musical. The rights to, hopefully, have the authors work with your cast!

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APOCALYPSO! • A Revelation of a Musical

ANOINTED • The Epic Story of Saul to David to Solomon

CHRISTMAS ON THE BLUE • A Christmas Radio Station story

COMING HOME • Finding your Center at Christmas

THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH • Dicken’s Classic as a Musical

AN ENCHANTED APRIL  • Sometimes What Seems Impossible…Isn’t

GOLDEN DREAMS • A Romantic Modern Operetta

GREAT EXPECTATIONS • A Big Brassy Dicken’s Musical

HEIDI! • A Story of Unconditional Love

LITTLE MEN • The Musical Sequel to LITTLE WOMEN Book, Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

LITTLE PRINCESS • The Irrepressible Sara Crewe

ROSE • The Musical Life of Rose O’Neill, The Kewpie Lady

THE TEMPEST MUSICAL • Freely Adapted and Enlarged from Shakespeare’s Fantasy

WHERE IS JILL? • A Multi-media Musical Story for Children