Plan-B Theatre Company Play (Alpha)

One of the bright lights in the theatre scene in Salt Lake City is Plan-B Theatre Company. One of three professional companies in the city, Plan-B produces a year round season of thought-provoking, consequential, locally-written plays.

Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director of the company, has been of real assistance in transitioning these plays from the stage to the page. Production photos, logos, advice — he’s been there.

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On this page, we will list all of the titles that began their theatrical life at Plan-B.


  • Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea — 2013 (by Matthew Greene) No Longer Available
  • Amerigo — 2010 (by Eric Samuelsen) COMING SOON
  • Borderlands — 2011 (by Eric Samuelsen)
  • Different = Amazing — 2014 (by Matthew Ivan Bennett) TYA
  • A Doll House — (by Eric Samuelsen, adapted from the Ibsen play)
  • Facing East — 2006 (by Carol Lynn Pearson)
  • Ghosts — (by Eric Samuelsen, adapted from the Ibsen play)
  • Miasma — 2006 (by Eric Samuelsen)
  • RUFF! — by Jenifer Nii TYA
  • The Scarlet Letter — 2012 adapted from the Hawthorne novel by Jenifer Nii
  • Suffrage — 2013 by Jenifer Nii


Other Plan-B shows from yearly School Tour SERIES

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