Plan-B Theatre Company Play (Alpha)

One of the bright lights in the theatre scene in Salt Lake City is Plan-B Theatre Company. One of three professional companies in the city, Plan-B produces a year round season of thought-provoking, consequential, locally-written plays. Noted by The Dramatist’s Guild as the only professional theatre in the country whose entire season is devoted to the original work of local playwrights.

Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director of the company, has been of real assistance in transitioning these plays from the stage to the page. Production photos, logos, advice — he’s been there.

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On this page, we will list all of our titles that began their theatrical life at Plan-B.


  • 3 – by Eric Samuelsen COMING SOON
  • Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea — 2013 (by Matthew Greene) No Longer Available
  • Amerigo — 2010 (by Eric Samuelsen)
  • Borderlands — 2011 (by Eric Samuelsen)
  • Different = Amazing — 2014 (by Matthew Ivan Bennett) TYA
  • A Doll House — (by Eric Samuelsen, adapted from the Ibsen play)
  • Facing East — 2006 (by Carol Lynn Pearson)
  • Fairyana (Radio Hour Series #8) by Eric Samuelsen
  • Ghosts — (by Eric Samuelsen, adapted from the Ibsen play)
  • The Ice Front – by Eric Samuelsen (The Norwegian resistance to Hitler’s regime)
  • Inversion – by Eric Samuelsen (A Horror Story for Teens) TYA
  • Intersection – by Eric Samuelsen (A play about power for teens) TYA
  • The Kreutzer Sonata by Eric Samuelsen
  • Miasma — 2006 (by Eric Samuelsen)
  • Nothing Personal – by Eric Samuelsen COMING SOON
  • River.Swamp.Cave.Mountain by Elaine Jarvik
  • RUFF! — by Jenifer Nii TYA
  • The Scarlet Letter — 2012 adapted from the Hawthorne novel by Jenifer Nii
  • Suffrage — 2013 by Jenifer Nii


Other Plan-B shows from yearly School Tour SERIES

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