LBT Premiere Plays • Alpha Listing

The plays on this list have not been performed in their current versions. They are available a low royalty rate and you get WORLD PREMIERE rights — the rights to boast and brag! The rights to have input on the shaping of a new play. The rights to, hopefully, have the authors work with your cast!


DeGruchy’s Mantle by JD Newman

Freré Lawrence by Thomas F. Rogers

Gentle Barbarian by Thomas F. Rogers

The Gypsy Tree by JD Newman

Investiture at Canossa by Eric Samuelsen

Patriot Stranger by Thomas F. Rogers with Donald K. Jarvis

Puzzles by JD Newman

Rain-In-The-Face by Eric Samuelsen


Cannibal Bondage Fiasco a 10-minute play by Eric Samuelsen