Teen Theatre • Plays with Teen Characters • ALPHA LIST

A vital part of TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) are plays that concern Teen Issues, about teens themselves, with all teenaged characters, or story focused on teenagers. Some plays on this list are written for older actors, but focus on issues teens involve themselves in. Some are adaptations written with the teen actor in mind.

(Of course, many, if not all, of the plays in our catalog can be produced with teens playing the roles.)





  • ELEKTRA by Sophocles adapted by Richard Sewell
  • E(U)NTITLED  a short play (35 m) by Kristen Ellis Giles











  • THE ODYSSEY by Homer, adapted by Rodger D. Sorensen
  • OF BABYLON (based on Stephen Benet’s story, “By The Waters Of Babylon”) a musical by C. Michael Perry