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ZT Cast Album CDs / Demo CDs / DVDs

DEMO CDS ($6.00, unless otherwise noted)

These are not commercially produced Cast Albums. (Those are available below this section.) They are CD-Rs produced in house to promote musicals held in the Zion Theatricals catalog. They are for demo purposes only, and sometimes are merely the author’s live demo, with mistakes and all. No Refunds. No Returns. These are all VOCAL DEMOS of the shows. All of the NON-VOCAL DEMOS (where an instrument plays the melody) will continue to be available on the musical’s webpage. (NOTE: The mp3 tracks of each of these musicals can be listened to on the musical’s webpage, which is linked from the title of each show, below. The “ADD TO CART” BUTTON will let you click for purchase.)


  • Charlie’s Monument ($8.00) (Payne/Dayley) Order #3053f [Live performance]

  • Esther (The Musical) (Mark Ogden) Order #2070f [Author Demo]

  • The Forge and the Fire (Max C. Golightly and others) Order #2018f [Live Performance Demo]

  • Heaven Never Closes (Mark Ogden) Order #2072f [Author Demo]

  • Jedediah! (One Hour Version) (Lambert & Perry) Order #2002f [Rough Author Demos]

  • Jonah! ($5.00) (C. Michael Perry) Order #3006f [Author Demos]

    VOCAL DEMOS that will be coming soon:

    And The Rains Came…. and Came
    The Ballad of Parley P!
    Let There Be Love
    Missionary Boxer
    Once I Lived In Cottonwood
    The Red Plush Parlor
    Strangers In Nauvoo
    Teenage Witness to the Martyrdom
    They Called Him Brother Joseph
    Wedlocked (possible original cast album)
    Wisdom Tree


(Click on the “Box with an arrow” to go to the webpage — click on the magnifying glass to view the artwork)