Prayers from Winter Quarters • A Short Play

by Eric Samuelsen

(For production by LDS Wards, Stakes and Community Groups. Colleges and Universities may also find it interesting.)

While perfect for use by, say, a Relief Society for their monthly meeting, it can also be theatrically produced by a Ward, Stake or Community Theatre.  The topics associated with the play are: Prayer, Faith, Pioneers, Trials, Enduring, Being Thankful. It can be produced as a Reader’s Theatre or it can be memorized. It is very simple. No setting. No props. Costumes could be worn, or the characters could stay in modern dress. That might tie-in more closely the prayers from Winter Quarters with women of the modern day. For a Relief Society presentation, each prayer could be separately cast to involve more women.


  • 3W
  • Simple Costumes
  • No props or settings mandatory
  • About 20 minutes
  • Order # 2055

Available Soon for ALL producing groups.


“We performed this for our Relief Society and it was received with tears.” — Ron Babin, Sudbury Ontario Ward.


The Perusal Pages File (in PDF format) can be read by clicking PrayersFromWinterQuartersPERUSAL It contains the first scene of the five scene script.

  • ZTPerformanceLicenceApp2016 (in PDF format) to download our Performance License Application. No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and sent to us.


  • Script in PDF format  — Order #2055a : $15.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2055d : $15


  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2055e : $15


  • Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application



  • Sudbury Ontario LDS Ward — March 17, 2018
  • Central Point Oregon 1st Ward — March 8, 2018

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