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A Hero’s Journey • A Choose Your Own Path Adventure

Posted on Sep 15, 2019 in Choose Your Own Path Adventure Series, Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Latest, New Releases, Plays

by Anthony Buck The audience chooses the way in this fantasy adventure that features knights, squires, wizards, princess, dragons, and more!  A band of adventuring heroes embark on a quest to defeat a Dark Wizard and end his terrible curse.  But will their own rivalries destroy their alliance before they finish the dangerous task? With multiple choice points and eight separate endings, the audience will stay engaged from the very beginning until the last second. Can be fully produced with fantasy sets and costumes, or simply done as a staged reading, or anything in between. PLAY DETAILS: 3m 2f. Costumes and sets may be as complete or as spare as wished by producer. About 70-90 Minutes Order #3332 PERUSAL MATERIALS The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: HeroesJourneyCYOPA PERUSAL EMAIL us for rights and information. Be sure...

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