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Pastor Jolley • Short Play

Posted on Jul 29, 2019 in ZT Short Plays

by Daniel Kilyobas Obadiah As far as we know it, this is the first drama written by a Church member from Africa about the LDS experience in Africa. Accurate, funny and inspiring, this conversion story concerns Pastor Jolley, the Pastor of a very small Church in Nigeria. In a contemporary Nigerian society, choked by an alarming variety of Christian denominations and beliefs, Pastor Jolley, a minister of a very small church of eight people, strongly believes he has been called and will be blessed of God, like other ‘prominent men of God’. Convinced by a con-man stranger, he purchases a copy of the Book of Mormon as the secret ingredient for the growth and expansion of his seed-like congregation. In spite of the disapproval of his scheming wife, and the fear of the Book of Mormon by the general...

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