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The Mummy’s Tale: And other Voices from the Great Beyond — TYA

Posted on Apr 5, 2017 in Child and Youth Audiences, Coming Soon, Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Intergenerational Theatre, Latest, Mystery Sideshow Theatre Series, New Releases, Short Plays

by E. Gray Simons III (PROFESSIONAL, AMATEUR, EDUCATIONAL, COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY, YOUTHEATRE/CHILDREN’S THEATRE) The Mummy’s Tale. . . is a family-friendly journey exploring the ultimate mystery: the afterlife as viewed across centuries and cultures! Visit ancient Egypt, where Ra the Sun God makes his first journey across the sky and a subsequent trip into the afterlife; from Greek mythology, the famed minstrel Orpheus will travel to the Underworld to save his lost love, Eurydice; experience the unique paradise of the Aztec’s Gods and find out how they created human beings. Most importantly, The Mummy’s Tale takes a lighthearted, child-appropriate look at The Great Beyond. With an optional musical intro, AT THE SIDESHOW, demo found below in the PERUSAL MATERIALS Section. A part of theSERIES PLAY DETAILS Large flexible cast  characters that can be doubled to as few as 5 actors, or...

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