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American Dreams: Immigration Stories – A Monologue Play

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 in Intergenerational Theatre, Latest, Monologs, New Releases, Plays, Seniors in Cast, Women Playwrights and Composers

by Linda Britt (Ideal for Professional, Amateur and Educational theatrical productions groups.) A powerful, moving, and timely monologue play about immigration, with stories that are sometimes funny, occasionally ironic, and too often heartbreaking. The Iranian student afraid to return to her country, the mother who misses her homeland, the Afghan translator who fears for his comrades, the migrant worker who hasn’t known any other life, the Canadian who just wanted to get away from the cold, the Russian mother of a newborn American citizen, the Polish scientist who thought he had done everything right… each a unique perspective, and together they make up America’s immigration story. 30 monologues, adapted with permission from interviews with immigrants to the U.S., are ordered in a fluid construct, easily adaptable to available performers as far as age, gender and ethnicity. See the below...

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The Survival of the Fittest • a Play

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 in Plays, Religious Titles, ZT Plays

by Thom Duncan (For LDS Wards, Stakes and Community Theatres) In 1911, the Science Department of Brigham Young University sponsored a symposium honoring the 50th year of the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking work, The Origin of Species. Charles Darwin is considered the father of the theory of Evolution. Because his theories were being freely taught on campus, it was felt by the faculty that the question as to whether his theories about the origin of life were not in conflict with the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had long been settled. Nevertheless, based on some complaints by a minority of students, the issue was re-investigated by the leaders of the Church and the loyalty of three teachers was called into question. Despite their support by the then president of the...

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