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The Yearning Season — Premiere Play File

Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, New Releases, Premiere Plays

by J.D. Newman Jacques and Leigh have served Monsieur and Madame as farmhand and domestic servant throughout their adolescence.  Upon the death of their employers, they are bequeathed: the farm to Jacques, and money for a lady’s education to Leigh, both still young and needing assistance to find their stations in life.  In a moment of youthful willfulness, they switch inheritances and set aside their feelings for one another.  Rochelle, a young lady from town, comes to Leigh for shelter and the two of them work the farm until Rochelle reveals a secret that changes everything Leigh believed about herself. The story, a classic young-love triangle, is based loosely on the Biblical story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, and set in the late 19th Century. The dialogue is written in verse; blank verse for those from town and free...

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DeGruchy’s Mantle — A Verse Play

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Award Winners, Latest, New Releases, Plays

by J.D. Newman (Perfect for Professional, College/University, Community, High School, Middle Schools, and other Youth Theatre Groups) Newman’s first verse drama, DeGruchy’s Mantle tells the story of a widow who leaves her magic mantle to her five teenage daughters just before her death. The daughters make a series of foolish wishes that cause a series of enchantments.  It is up to the youngest daughter, magically aged through the mantle’s power, who must restore her sisters and take charge of her mother’s gift. DeGruchy’s Mantle received a Meritorious Achievement Award in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s Region VIII playwriting competition. PLAY DETAILS: 5 young women 1 older woman and 2 young males. 75 minutes A simple exterior setting, either realistic or suggestive. Order # 3120 Available for ALL producing groups SOON. PERUSAL MATERIALS Perusal Pages File Available here: DeGruchy’sMantlePERUSAL (The...

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