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Your Worst Knightmare

Posted on Feb 6, 2015 in Interactive Murder Mysteries, Latest

by Jim Christian Synopsis: The announcement of the betrothal of the crown princess to a loyal knight takes a deadly turn when rival suitors and sorcery arrive uninvited. Soon, everyone is under an evil spell and no one seems to offer a way out. PLAY DETAILS: ORDER #3098 Characters: 6m 3w Queen Lavinia of Postlethwaite – gracious ruler and mother of the bride Princess Flicka – newly-engaged pristine heiress to the throne Sir Rogaine – devoted fiance of Princess Flicka Bobshot & Jabberwacky – royal court jesters and madcaps Sir Leviathan – mighty rival for the princess Sir Skiddleanthrapus – romantic rival for the princess Sir Mensa – genius rival for the princess Dortnelia of Quagmire Bog – local lunatic who professes mystical powers PERUSAL COPIES The PERUSAL PAGES file for Your Worst Knightmare will be available by clicking KnightmarePERUSAL...

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