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The Red Plush Parlor • A Gentle Musical

Posted on Jul 17, 2019 in ZT DC Hist, ZT Musicals, ZT Women Authors

Book and Lyrics by Christie Lund Coles Music by Larry Bastian A righteous man who already has six wives has found another lamb to bring into his protective fold. But there is one big problem: his oldest son has fallen in love with this very same young lady. A fun and funny musical comedy.         PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 2M 7W 3Teenboys 2Teengirls 1girl + ensemble, if desired About 90 minutes Settings: 3 interiors Order # 2074 Available for all groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: RedPlushParlorPERUSAL SONG LIST ACT ONE #1 — Overture — Orchestra Scene 1 — The Sitting Room of the KNUDSEN home in Salt Lake City. #2 — The Wives’ Song — Wives and Dancers #3 — Goodness Knows — Annie and Wives #4 — Scene Change Music —...

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The Unfortunate Courtship of Brian Tanner • A Short Play

Posted on Jul 17, 2019 in ZT DC Hist, ZT Short Plays

by Jerry Argetsinger (For production by  Community Groups, LDS Church Groups) Brian, a happy bachelor in frontier Utah, feels unwarranted pressure to find a bride.  His Aunt May believes her prayers have been answered when the wagon belonging to three eligible women breaks down near their general store.  While Aunt May plans some serious match making, Brian plots to present a distorted picture of himself that no one would want to marry. It is very funny, yet, touching at the same time. Wonderful for a production in a Ward or Stake, or as part of a Stake One-Act Play Festival. PLAY DETAILS: 2M 3W 1TeenGirl 1 Interior About 30 minutes. Order # 2033 Available for ALL producing groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The Perusal pages PDF file is available Unfortunate…BrianTannerPERUSAL (It contains the first scene of the four scene script.) REHEARSAL MATERIALS...

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Jedediah! • A Tale of Two Explorers

Posted on Jul 16, 2019 in Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Musicals, ZT DC Hist, ZT Musicals, ZT Premiere Musicals

Book, Music and Lyrics by James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Theatres) A musical drama, biographical in nature, yet full of life, romance, beautiful music, energetic dances, with problems and solutions unique to Latter-Day-Saint culture of the period between 1830 and 1848. It is the story of Jedediah Grant as told by his namesake, Jedediah Smith. This story is basically true and generally historically accurate, certain events have been telescoped in the interest of dramatic license. The characters of Salina Wells, the Westbridges, (William Blodgett and the Weems’ in the full version) are composites of several people of the era. All the other characters herein were real people and the events portrayed actually happened. Some license was taken with ages and...

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SUFFRAGE — a play

Posted on Sep 14, 2017 in Award Winners, Latest, New Releases, Plan-B Theatre Company Play, Plays, Women Playwrights and Composers

a play by Jenifer Nii (For Professional, Educational and Amateur theaters.) SUFFRAGE is an exploration of late 1800s Utah, the second territory in the Union, by 1870, to grant women the right to vote. Wyoming had previously granted that right in 1869. That right was stripped 12 years later when suffrage became a whip for Washington politicians who wanted to end polygamy. The two issues became entwined in a strange, more-than-a-little-malicious way. During the two decades portrayed in the play, Utah women found themselves being called upon to stand strong on two equally threatening fronts. And they did. The story of Ruth and Frances, conveys a bit of what women—particularly polygamous women—faced. The attack was on their way of life, which in so many ways must have felt like an attack on their God and family. The overhanging threat...

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