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Heaven Never Closes • A Musical

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 in ZT Musicals

by Mark Ogden  The Classic is back! (Performable by LDS Wards, Stakes, Educational, Professional and Community Groups) This play revolves around trying to discover what you promised to do before coming to Earth. Long ago the Lord foreordained three of His children to a great work — saving the soul of a Fourth Child. Each promised to do his part to help this child fulfill his own special mission in life. When they got to earth, however, things didn’t go as planned. Michael McCloud, a special agent from Celestial Industries, was sent down to inspire the three children to keep their word. But when he got to Earth, things again didn’t go as planned. Until… Michael McCloud finally converted the Third Child in an unexpected way. In the end the Third Child, without the help  of the First Child...

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Star Child • The Musical Companion to Saturday’s Warrior

Posted on Jul 26, 2019 in ZT Musicals, ZT Women Authors

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart Music by Gaye Beeson Elders Kestler and Greene are back! Like Saturday’s Warrior, Star Child begins in the pre-existence, where Larry learns he is to be born to a non-member in a foreign land. His best friend, Chuck, promises to find him and bring him the gospel. He also pledges to find and marry his sweetheart, Marie, so young Michael and Sarah can have the parents they’ve always dreamed of. The shy and nervous Mitzi worries that “with a body covering up her sweet spirit,” she will never find love in mortality, while the indomitable Betty Lou is determined to catch her man. And waiting on earth, to stir everything up, is that loveable duo, Elders Kestler and Green. Star Child deals with making hard moral choices, and being true to the “Star...

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My Turn On Earth • The Classic LDS Musical

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 in ZT Musicals, ZT Women Authors

Book & Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by Lex de Azevedo © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission Five children from heaven play out mortality like a treasure hunt, with LOVE being the greatest prize. My Turn On Earth is the story of each of us playing out a delightful and poignant answer to the ever-burning question–what in the world am I doing here?  Five children, sent to take their turn on earth, are challenged to come back with the treasure, the most precious thing of all.  But time is of the essence.  Suddenly their turn is finished.  Has the treasure been found? Contemporary, best-selling music—a story to captivate young and old—My Turn on Earth is a winner. PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 3W 2M About 2 hours Settings: fluid, multi-location Costumes: ethereal or unified dress Order # 2077...

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