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Galileo’s Pendulum — TYA

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Child and Youth Audiences, Latest, New Releases, NHTP Young People's Playscripts

by Michael Megliola (TYA, Children’s Theatre, Amateur, Professional, Educational) Galileo never did most of the things for which many people give him credit. He did not drop stones off the leaning tower of Pisa or invent the telescope. By the time Galileo came along, people had also discovered, forgotten, then rediscovered that the earth orbits the sun. Galileo, however, did something much more important, courageous, and dangerous than any of those things — he stood up for the freedom of thought. He demanded that academic, religious and political leaders accept scientific methods. He dared to challenge censorship at a time when people who spoke out were sometimes tortured or killed. Galileo was forced to recant his beliefs, at least publicly, but by then the truth was out. This script was written for children to perform for young audiences 7...

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