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Family Frolics, Relief Society Renditions & Sharing Time Skits

Posted on Jul 20, 2019 in ZT BofM, ZT Books, ZT Christmas Shows, ZT DC Hist, ZT New Test, ZT Old Test, ZT Short Plays, ZT Women Authors

The authors represented are: Charlee Cardon Wilson, Sam Christensen, Sharon Elwell, & James G. Lambert (For production by LDS Church Groups) This collection of 16 skits, sketches, playlets and monologues is specifically designed for use as inservice lessons, Primary Sharing Time, Family Home Evenings, Priesthood, Relief Society or Sunday School lessons, Firesides, Young Mens and Womens classes and meeting nights, and other Ward and Stake presentations. These short plays (not longer than 20 minutes) are designed primarily to teach, in an interesting way, a single or group of related Gospel principles. Drama makes all things easily understandable and able to be grasped by anyone who is learning. They are easy to produce and very affordable.  They can all be easily produced with a minimum of props and costumes and no setting. Or you can be as elaborate as you...

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The Pumpkin Child — short musical TYA

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 in Child and Youth Audiences, Elementary School Musicals, Family Audience Plays and Musicals, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Short Plays

A puppet or live action skit with original Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry Love people for who they are. This little musical sketch is about loving and respecting others.  With 3 original songs. Can be done with puppets or live actors.       PLAY DETAILS: 1M 6F 1either NARRATOR (male or female) MOTHER SHARI 3 GIRLS: LITTLE RED, GOLDILOCKS and 3RD GIRL MURAD (m) NANA Simple Setting/costumes [Fantasy or Contemporary] About 15 minutes Order #3035 Now Available PERUSAL MATERIALS: PERUSAL SCRIPT: The PDF of 1/2 of the script is available: PumpkinChildPERUSAL SONG LIST: Don’t Fret Little One I’ve Got To Find Her Your Love Is The Thing DEMO SAMPLES (Non-Vocal Demos with an instrument playing the melody line, made from the Finale files) 1 Dont Fret, Little One3 Your Love Is The Thing2 Ive Got To...

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