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Ghostwriters and Ghost Riders

Posted on Feb 6, 2015 in Interactive Murder Mysteries

by Jim Christian Synopsis: This play originated as a special charter of the Heber Valley Historic Railroad that runs up Provo Canyon to Heber City, in Utah, telling the tales of many ghosts and other hauntings along its legendary rails. It can work on any type of train trip anywhere across the country. It can also work in a theatre or a small or large room. The assemblage of characters ranges from locals to Hollywood figures to dabblers in the supernatural … leading to a chaotic conflict of interests … and death by fright! Or is it? PLAY DETAILS: ORDER #3088 Characters: 4m 4w Charlie Stiegel – cheerful storyteller who spins ghost yarns for the train Bingo Beekman – Charlie’s biggest fan…and annoyance Miranda Mines – local spiritualist and champion of lost souls Willadean & Kitty Minkus – sisters...

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