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Showdown At Gambler’s Gulch

Posted on Feb 6, 2015 in Interactive Murder Mysteries

by Jim Christian Synopsis: A town meeting in the Old West provides the setting for this saga in which the mayor is murdered and a notorious slate of candidates vie to become his replacement. PLAY DETAILS: ORDER #3092 Characters: 6m 2w Eustace Biddle – glad-handed mayor of Gamblers’ Gulch Zedekiah Cosgrave – humorless undertaker Tombstone Jack – right-hand “enforcer” to the mayor Lulabelle Free – clairvoyant owner of the local saloon/hotel Old Scrappy – kindly, but vague-minded prospector Mercy Trust – priggish, rigid school marm Edgar Allan Polecat – bookish Kypipawitz Indian Swampwater Sam Larue – traveling patent medicine seller PERUSAL COPIES The PERUSAL PAGES file for Showdown At Gambler’s Gulch is available by clicking Showdown…GulchPERUSAL The PDF file is the first act of the play and all other pertinent information about the play. EMAIL us for rights and...

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