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Thom Duncan • Author

Having been born of goodly parents, in the town of Southgate California, he is currently employed as a Technical Writer. Thom has written many LDS-oriented plays (one of which, Matters of the Heart, currently anthologized in Saints on Stage, won an award as Best New Play of the Year in 1985), two technical books about Novell software, and several yet unproduced screenplays. All of his LDS plays are represented by Zion Theatricals. Moroni Smith in Search of the Gold Plates is his second published novel.

He is  published in every branch of the medium except screenplays. When he does that, he says that he can die happy.



  • The Tymes Of All Eternity (unavailable)
  • Prophet (unavailable)


  • Moroni Smith in the Land of Zarahemla (Available at Zion BookWorks)
  • Moroni Smith in Search of the Gold Plates (Available at Zion BookWorks)
  • Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban (Available at Zion BookWorks)




Watch for a Collected Plays of Thom Duncan coming soon from Zion Theatricals and Zion BookWorks.