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LBT carries plays and musicals for Professional, College and University, High School, Junior High and Middle School, Elementary School, Children’s Theatre, Youth Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Community Theatre, and Church markets.

Our catalog is expanding. We are adding titles constantly.

All of our scripts and scores are available only through e-publishing format. Everything is in a PDF file: Scripts, Piano-vocal Scores, Vocal Books, Orchestrations (except for some perusal and production materials like CDs. There are also several selected scripts available with published copies as noted on those respective webpages.)


Leicester Bay Theatricals (Leice-ster is pronounced lester) publishes plays and musicals for all producing groups. The purpose behind this company is enlightenment through entertainment. Professionals, Amateurs, College, University, High School, Junior High School and Elementary School groups, along with Religious, Children’s and Youth Theatre groups will find something in the pages of our catalog. We are primarily dedicated to the Family Audience. However, we do pull in some edgier scripts for more adult audiences.
LBT began life in 2012. The President of the company had been in the play publishing and licensing arena since 1978 with his former company, Encore Performance Publishing, which he sold in 2008. His playwrights came back to him and asked him to publish their new work, and after much consideration and many sleepless nights, he agreed. Since that first year LBT has found many additional playwrights and is constantly looking for titles that fit into LBT’s publishing mission: Strengthening Families by Educating and Entertaining Children and their Parents.

Join with us in producing theatricals that will aid parents and children in making good decisions, and assist all to have a positive effect on others through drama, comedy, music — and just plain entertainment!

PDF CATALOG/LIST DOWNLOADS (2022-23 catalogs)as of September 30, 2022:


Please note that all postage rates are quoted for shipment within the United States only. For all International shipments, please email for a quote.


What we will need (if you have not filled out the Performance License Application):

  • Your name
  • The name of your Organization
  • Organization and personal phone numbers and emails
  • The dates of your intended performances with the number of performances intended.
  • The size of your auditorium, your ticket prices and expected attendance at each performance.
  • The royalties and fees that you paid for your last play and/or musical production


  • Performance License Application: No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and sent to us. This is a filler form that after you click “SUBMIT” will send directly to our email address. Response averages 2-3 business days.

If there is any additional information needed concerning your order we will not ship product or email pdfs until we have sent an email to your email on file and received your response.


  • Remember – we cannot lease Rehearsal Materials to you or accept payments for Performance Royalties until you have applied for a license to perform the show.
  • Our shopping cart operates through PayPal. It is safe and secure and takes all credit cards.
  • can be made to our e-mail address through Pay Pal. Just send the payment with an additional email to us about what you are buying, with your performance information (See ORDERING below).
  • We can also send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay with a Credit or Debit card. We will then issue a regular invoice referencing the PayPal number. We are PayPal Verified.

Official PayPal Seal

  • We also accept company checks in payment of an invoice.
  • For schools and other institutions that work through Purchase Orders, we accept those as well.


usually consists of:

  • 1 manuscript script (in PDF)
  • 1 manuscript score (in PDF)
  • 1 manuscript vocal book (in PDF) for almost every musical
  • Extra Items (availability varies per title):
    • SFX CD — Sound effects for the show (varies by title)
    • PerformanceTraks CD — the accompaniment in combo arrangements or full orchestration (depending on the title) Our new PerformanceTraks are being put together by Taylor Williams of Tayloredtracks
    • NOTE: These files are sent to you for production purposes. They may not be used outside of rehearsal/performance situation that is licensed by LBT.Once you download them, you may:
      1) burn them to a CD in order to play them for rehearsals and performances;
      2) Load them into a music reproducing program, like iTunes, on your computer for playback at rehearsals and performances;
      3) or both.Any tracks you copy, must be destroyed following your performance run.
      If you have made copies for actors, they must return them to you, or delete and destroy them from any and every device to which they have been copied.Your contract stipulates that all files must be destroyed, originals sent to you, and any and all copies made by you or your production team members.Your payment for these files does not imply ownership, but instead, a leasing fee. They are not your property. They are the property of the Authors’ and/or their Agent. They are copyrighted material.If you have questions contact Leicester Bay Theatricals.
  • Orchestrations (in PDF or PRINT format) — not available for all musicals. Can be full orchestration or a reduced orchestra.
  • Combo Arrangements (in PDF or PRINT format) — Usually piano, bass, drums, keyboard2 (other instruments may be available)
  • Promotional Materials — (art work, reviews, other material depending on the title)

The total price varies per title. These copies will either be PDF files or printed files, or mp3s or CDs. The fee includes the rights to photocopy the materials for your production. After the production all copies must be destroyed and the original paper copies (if sent) must be returned to LBT. If the file was sent electronically, it must be destroyed, or trashed. ALL REHEARSAL MATERIAL IS LEASED from us by you, not owned by the purchaser.


  • Royalties are extra to the cost of rehearsal materials and quoted on a per show basis, based on your ticket prices, number of performances and the seating capacity of your theatre. Professional and Amateur royalties differ from each other, also.
  • Copyright law is complicated, but unless the author has been dead for at least 70 years you should expect to pay Performance Royalties.
  • You must also have prior permission from the author or their agent, and you should not assume that because a Play has been published that it’s therefore available for performance. Even if it is available, there may be restrictions, such as an already licensed competing production within 100 miles of your location.
  • And unless you’re performing in a private home or a classroom (without admission being charged) , a Performance Royalty will be due whether or not the Play is performed in whole or in part, whether or not it’s for charity, and whether or not the audience pays admission.
  • Photocopying scripts without permission is also a breach of copyright. Our scripts are mostly in PDF format, so you will need to apply to us in order to receive permission to photocopy and/or print copies for your production. For the few plays for which we have published books, they may not be photocopied; so you must buy enough for your cast and crew.
  • Details of how and where to apply for Performance Rights are invariably printed inside the Perusal PDF which you can download, or printed Playbook.
  • The cost of the Rights varies, but as a rough guide, for amateur rights you should expect to pay about $90.00 per performance for full-length plays (musicals differ greatly and are more expensive) and for professional rights about 8% gross box-office receipts.
  • Please give yourself plenty of time by planning and applying for performance rights well ahead of your intended performance.



Have Questions, or wish to place an Order: email us

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