Mary Fielding Smith • One Woman Show

Mother of a Prophet – Her Trek West Written by  Myrth Elizabeth Burr Inspired by the Doug Fryer painting of Mary looking

Let There Be Love • The Musical Story of Joseph and Emma

Book and Lyrics by Thom Duncan Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry This musical chronicles the love story of Joseph Smith

The Order Is Love • Classic LDS Musical

Book & Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by Lex de Azevedo © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission The

Family Frolics, Relief Society Renditions & Sharing Time Skits

The authors represented are: Charlee Cardon Wilson, Sam Christensen, Sharon Elwell, James G. Lambert, & C. Michael Perry (For production by LDS

A High and Glorious Place • A One Woman Play

by Elizabeth Hansen (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS  Church Groups) Eliza R. Snow is one of the