Mary Fielding Smith • One Woman Show

Mary Fielding Smith • One Woman Show

Mother of a Prophet – Her Trek West

Written by  Myrth Elizabeth Burr

Inspired by the Doug Fryer painting of Mary looking for her lost oxen while imploring the help of the Lord, Mary’s brother and small son searched for the oxen for hours to no avail. Mary sensed something wrong and on her knees pleaded with the Lord for help. She arose from her prayer, then walked with calmness and assurance a short distance down a little stream of water until she stood on the banks of the Missouri River. There, she found the oxen fastened to a clump of willows growing in the bottom by a spring creek.

Mary relied heavily on the Lord and spoke to him often. The play tells the story of Mary as she set sail on a rickety sailboat, left England in the 1800s and came to a new world looking for opportunity. Little did Mary know that she would also cross a thousand miles of prairie in a wagon, suffer hardship, hunger, and sorrow before she found her home in the valley at the tops of the mountains.


  • 1 woman
  • Simple prairie dress
  • a few simple props
  • no setting needed, unless desired
  • About 60 Minutes
  • Order #2004


“We enjoyed your presentation of Mary Fielding Smith and feel you awakened in us the importance of the necessity of being valiant in our own way. Thank you for your bring to life the personality of this valiant, dynamic woman.” — Tulsa Oklahoma

“Everyone was touched by your presentation. The story of Mary Smith’s life has influenced my life for good, and helped me to be a nbetter person. This has helped me put my own life in perspective.” — Salt Lake City, Utah

“I want to tell you how deeply this presentation has affected me. It is obvious you have received inspiration from your Father in Heaven in this message.” — Saint George, Utah

“We appreciate your sensitivity to the life of Mary F. Smith. We felt like we were on the prairie with her.” — Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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