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NOTE: If you desire to perform any of these plays, in whole or in part, you must make arrangements PRIOR to any intended performance, whether amateur, educational or professional, and whether or not admission is charged, with the publisher:
Leicester Bay Theatricals

Use by students in a school classroom or workshop situation is allowed as long as only members of the class and their teacher are the only persons present at the class presentation/performance.

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General Audience Plays in Print: PLAYWRIGHTS ON THE PAGE SERIES available HERE

#1 FIVE Plays From The New Hampshire Theatre Project (Order #5003) (PUBLISHED: $14.95)

  • Forest Secrets (Genevieve Aichele)
  • Galileo’s Pendulum (Michael Megliola
  • Once Upon A Candlemas In King Arthur’s Court (Genevieve Aichele)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham (Michael Megliola)
  • Well-Behaved Women (Jes Marbacher)

#2 Plays From the Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads (Order #5004)

  • Cinderella’s Miss-Adventures (Alexandra Grace Gaver)
  • Freedom Song (Alexandra Grace Gaver)
  • The Not-So-Scary Nightmare Adventure (Alexandra Grace Gaver)

#3 Mystery Side Show Theatre (E. Gray Simons III) (Order #5005) (PUBLISHED: $14.95)

  • ATLANTIS, LOST! and Other Legends from the Strange Waves
  • THE MUMMY’s TALE and Other Voices from the Great Beyond
  • THE RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX and More of History’s Mysteries Revealed
  • WAY OUT WEST: The Journey of Lewis and Clark and Other Tales

#4 Six of One… (Order #5006)

  • Challenging Athena (Genevieve Aichele)
  • Jungle Book (R. Rex Stephenson)
  • Ruff (Jenifer Nii)
  • Aesops Network (E.Gray Simons III)
  • Alexander and the United Snakes of America (Donald Lewis)[not a political satire, FYI]
  • The Doctor In Spite of Himself (J.D. Newman)

#5 — Short Musicals for Young Audiences V1 (Order #5007) (PUBLISHED: $13.95)

  • The Zenith Escape (David Crespy • Meg Phillips Crespy)
  • The Upstanders (Dean Olivet)
  • The Skeleton In The School (Linda Britt • Collin Britt)
  • El Bully (Joe Rosenberg • C. Michael Perry)
  • The Archer Who Went I Know Not Where To Fetch I Know Not What (Deen Ferrell)

#6 — Short Musicals for Young Audiences V2 (Order #5008) (PUBLISHED: $14.95)

  • The Wind In The Willows (Meg Phillips Crespy)
  • Searching for Sparks (Dean Olivet)
  • Who’s Running The School (Linda Britt • Collin Britt)
  • The Pumpkin Child (C. Michael Perry)
  • Before Nevermore (Meg Phillips Crespy)
  • Where is Jill? (C.Michael Perry • Shirlee Shields)
  • PLUS — Bonus Musical — Jonah! by C. Michael Perry

#7 — FOUR Plays for Teen Actors and Audiences by J.D. Newman (Order #5009)

  • DeGruchy’s Mantle
  • The Gypsy Tree
  • The Yearning Season
  • Land of Oz

#8 — FIVE Plays for Young Audiences by Joanna H. Kraus (Order # 5013) (PUBLISHED: $15.95)

  • The Dragon Hammer
  • The Tale of Oniroku
  • Me2
  • Tamales and Roses
  • Kimchi Kid

#9 – The Noorda Theatre Youth Plays — Five Age Appropriate Scripts for Young Actors (Order #5019)

  • Gathering Grimm by J.D. Newman
  • The Hornswoggle Jig by Wendy Gourley
  • The Trojan Children by Mahonri Stewart
  • Time Mirrors by Drew Chappell
  • Superpowers by J. D. Newman

#10 –– Musicals for Teen and Young Actors and Audiences (Order #5028) (5×8)

  • Of Babylon (C. MichaelPerry)
  • Christmas Dreams  (C. MichaelPerry)
  • Don’t Forget To Remember? (Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rodgers Jr and K. Newell Dayley)
  • An Allagash Haunting: The Story of Emile Camile by Tim Caverly and Barbara Howe Hogan

#11 –– …Half A Dozen of the Other (Order #5029) (5×8)

  • Liberated Cinderella (R. Rex Stephenson)
  • Different=Amazing (Matthew Ivan Bennett)
  • Little Mermaid’s Little Sister (Jennifer Reck)
  • The World of Snow White (R. Rex Stephenson)
  • The RansomNote (Sheila Rinear)
  • The Haunt (Mahonri Stewart)

#12 — Five Plays of the Sandy Hunter Saga by J.D. Newman (Order #5030) (5×8) (COMING SOON)

  • Sandy and the Weird Sisters
  • Sandy and the Dance of Faith
  • Clara and the Mermaids (radio/zoom)
  • Clara and the Mermaids (multi-venue)
  • Clara and the Mermaids (60 minute)

#13 — Small Cast Touring Plays for Young Audiences (Order #5031) (5×8) (COMING SOON)

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes by E. Gray Simons III
  • Flora Meets a Bee by Morag Shepherd
  • Hansel and Gretel’s Grimm Tale by E. Gray Simons III
  • River.Swamp.Cave.Mountain by Elaine Jarvik
  • Just So Stories by E. Gray Simons III

The Collected Plays of Eric Samuelsen


INTRODUCTION by Colleen Lewis 

  • Bumps — sci-fi fantasy on the school grounds
  • Intersection – Premiered by the Theatre Arts Conservatory at Plan-B Theatre Company, 2009
  • Inversion – Premiered by the Theatre Arts Conservatory at Plan-B Theatre Company, 2008
  • The Odyssey — an adaptation of Homer’s classic. Premiered at BYU.
  • Slaying The Greeble  — Theatre Arts Conservatory with Plan-B Theatre Company
  • Fingerprint Smile— 10 minute play – Premiered as a Plan-B Theatre/Theatre Arts Conservatory STUDENT SLAM 2012, Salt Lake City.
  • FIVE — 10 minute play – Premiered as a Plan-B Theatre/Theatre Arts Conservatory co-production at the STUDENT SLAM 2011, Salt Lake City
  • Foursquare— 10 minute play (unproduced)
  • Perfect Circle 10 minute play – Premiered by Plan-B Theatre Company’s SLAM 2009
  • NCMO (Non-committal making out) (stand alone version) (originally from the play PECULIARITIES)
  • Pizza and a Movie (stand alone version) (originally from the play PECULIARITIES)
  • Tahoe (stand alone version) (originally from the play PECULIARITIES)
  • Temps (stand alone version) (originally from the play PECULIARITIES)