Champion (Print Version) a play about finding who you are

Champion (Print Version) a play about finding who you are

by Joanna H. Kraus

Can Robin do something that will amaze everyone? Will her family be proud of her? 

This Award-Winning play was inspired by the true story of a teen athlete who was bullied and then achieved international acclaim. When Robin joins a water-polo club, she’s unprepared for the hostility she encounters. But with determination plus rigorous training, and an encouraging coach — who calls her a ‘natural’ —  she becomes a skilled goalie, confronts a vicious teammate, finds friendship, and ultimately self-acceptance.

NOTE: Artwork by Katie Leonard, property of Clark’s Summit University — Used by permission


  • 6f, 1m
  • About 75 minutes
  • Contemporary costumes.
  • Simple multi-location setting
  • ORDER #3363ap
  • Paperback cover finish: Matte
  • Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in
  • Page Count: 88
  • ISBN: 9798396188969
  • LIST PRICE: $12.99


CHAMPION (Print Version) Order #3363ap : $12.00 (+ tax and shipping of 4.25) This script in print form may not be used for a production of the play. It may be ordered in single copy for personal reading. If you want production copies for your actors and staff you will need to order a minimum of 9 copies. Ordering more than 1 copy will also require a performance license application prior to the order. You may not copy, in any manner, this book. 

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