LBT Playwrights, Lyricists, Composers BLOG • Alpha Listing

Leicester Bay Theatricals often receives questions from playwrights on what we are looking for in the construction, writing, development, and producing of plays and musicals across all performance platforms.

  • What does a play need to be accepted by a publishing company?
  • What can I do to get my play produced?
  • Should my play be a musical?
  • Should my musical be a play?
  • Should I write for a particular audience?
  • Should I write for a particular theatrical market?

I will try to distill onto this page advice we have given and received from playwrights and friends. If anyone has advice or experience that they would like to share, please e-mail us with your comment. I have been reluctant to open this up as a true blog, as I have been a little leery of that form, due to so much spam and vitriol. After all, I do not want a Facebook battle happening on my site. But, the blog should be working.

Posts will be intermittent.

Posts are listed here alphabetically until we can actually open the BLOG again