10 Things from The Playwrights Center about Script Submission–BLOG January 2, 2019

Ten Things a Reader Wants You to Know (or, How to Keep Your Script in Consideration)

1. A script is not a musical score.

2. There is a distinction between a play and an experimental theatre piece.

3. Send the right project to the right theatre.

4. Remember, theatre is theatre. Be realistic about what can be accomplished in theatre.

5. The stage directions are not there to demonstrate your literary ability or creativity.

6. Start at the very beginning, or set the scene properly.

7. Don’t submit the first draft of your first play.

8. Know what you are writing.

9. Spelling and grammar count. So does formatting.

10. Don’t send a musical to a play contest and don’t send a play to a musical contest (and so many other scenarios…).

For the full article — which is very informative, and should be read carefully, please click HERE.

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