Rapunzel • Part 1 of GRIMM – RADIO HOUR Episode 7

by Matthew Ivan Bennett An adaptation of the Brothers Grimm stories to their original, dark tellings. This version of Rapunzel isn’t your

The Gift of the Magi • Part 1 of Yuletide, of the RADIO HOUR Series

by Matthew Ivan Bennett O. Henry’s classic Christmas story “The Gift of the Magi,” originally published in 1905, it is a straightforward

Intersection • a play about power for teens

by Eric Samuelsen INTERSECTION is a snapshot of today’s world, a quick glance at troubled friendships, broken families, and domestic violence. Nine

Flora Meets A Bee • a play for grades K-3

by Morag Shepherd Eight-year-old Flora has lived in six foster homes since the age of five. One day Flora meets Bee and

peculiarities: a play of parables (four short one acts on youth and sexuality)

by Eric Samuelsen Peculiarities is an exploration of LDS attitudes toward sexuality, in particular situations in which moral rigidity and sexuality collide

Accommodations – A Play in Three Acts

by Eric Samuelsen Grandfather Marty is getting older and the family needs to come together and care for him.George and Veeann are

The Cricket On The Hearth — Staged Radio Play

Adapted from the Charles Dickens story by R. Rex Stephenson & Jody D. Brown (For performance by any amateur, educational or professional

Two Guys Sitting On A Bench By A River Talking About Stuff Of No Importance To Anyone — a short play for Seniors

by Jerry Walker (Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.) What do guys talk about? Well,

We Ain’t Dead Yet — An Evening of Plays for Seniors

by Jerry Walker (Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.) 8 plays ranging from comic to

Merry Gentlemen — a play inspired by “A Christmas Carol”

The story of “A Christmas Carol” provides a loose framework and several characters for this exploration of parent-child relationships. Tired of the same old Christmas Carol? This may be exactly what you are looking for!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep — play

A play about teens: their struggles, their hopes, their dreams, their epic fails.

Chosen: Stories On Adoption — play

A warm, moving, and sometimes funny look at adoption from the minds and hearts of the adopted and those who adopt them.

El Bully — A Spanglish play with songs

Yes, another musical about bullying, but this one focuses on the Bully and his perception of himself. And what’s more, the show is told in both Spanish and English!

It’s Up To Me — A Musical Revue

If we are not involved in our own lives, leading to our own success, who will be? A reminder that is not just for young audiences, but adults as well!

Facing East • The Play

A father and a mother confront the suicide of their adult gay son, whose male partner visits the gravesite at the same time, where they enact a mock funeral. The discussion follows the tack of seeing and hearing someone when they are still alive.

My Turn On Earth • The Classic Musical

What are we doing here on Earth? And where did we come from? This musical tells that story through a funny script and contemporary score.