The Cranes: Harry and Evelyn —  a short play for Seniors

The Cranes: Harry and Evelyn — a short play for Seniors

by Jerry Walker 

(Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.)

A long-married older couple looks back on a life well-lived. He plays the curmudgeon, she the ever-willing-to-listen wife, as they try to live their lives with dignity and humor facing the onset of a place they have never really faced before.


  • 1m 1f
  • SETTING: a simple kitchen counter and a door
  • COSTUMES: Contemporary
    RUNNING TIME: About 15 minutes
  • Order #3220

Part of the compilation play WE AIN’T DEAD YET!


  • PERUSAL SCRIPT: The PDF of the first act of the script is available: TheCranesPERUSAL



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  • READING: Hiram Arts Center, Hiram, Maine — May, 2019


The Cranes: Harry and Evelyn

a play for Seniors by
Jerry Walker

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