We Ain’t Dead Yet — An Evening of Plays for Seniors

We Ain’t Dead Yet — An Evening of Plays for Seniors

by Jerry Walker

(Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.)

8 plays ranging from comic to tragic make up this thoughtful and enlightening evening of theatre dealing with the issues of growing older. This show is very flexible as to which scenes you present, so it could, then, be any length at all. Each show is also available for separate production.

  • 9m 9f
  • Contemporary costumes
  • Simple interior and exterior settings
  • About 90 minutes
  • ORDER # 3223
  • List Price: $13.95


If you want to produce the ENTIRE EVENING’s slate, please go to the REHEARSAL MATERIALS section below)

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MR. ANDERSON’S CRUSH by Jerry Walker 1m 1f voice Interior/Exterior. About 3 minutes. Mr. Anderson has developed a crush on someone in the neighborhood. He is lonely and seeking companionship. As he prepares to meet her face to face, he is interrupted by a most unfortunate surprise. (Separate production order #3216)

I WISH I HAD A BUDDY by Jerry Walker 1m 1f. Interior/Exterior. Two strangers, meeting over time, find how much they have in common and begin to share their lives. (Separate production order #3217)

TWO LADIES PLAYING GO FISH by Jerry Walker 2f Interior. Two crusty women, ‘friends’ since High School, discover that through the years, they actually have shared their lives together — and like it. (Separate production order #3218)

THE PATH by Jerry Walker 1m 1f 1f voice 1m voice. Exterior. As we grow older, even the places we have frequented begin to seem less familiar. But then reality and the hand of a spouse can bring us back to our ‘home’. (Separate production order #3219)

THE CRANES: HARRY & EVELYN by Jerry Walker 1m 1f Interior. A long-married older couple look back on a life well-lived. He plays the curmudgeon, she the ever-willing-to-listen wife, as they try to live their lives with dignity and humor facing the onset of a place they have never really faced before. (Separate production order #3220)

THE FIRST TIME …AGAIN by Jerry Walker 1m 1f. Interior. Two longtime friends, in their senior years, exit a restaurant in anticipation of an amorous evening together. Well, the evening does not go as planned… but they find that certain things don’t mean what they used to mean, and their relationship will grow even stronger through their evening’s trials. (Separate production order #3221)

THREE MOMENTS IN TIME by Jerry Walker 1m 1f. Interior. Moments in the life… of an aging couple dealing with the exigencies of life beyond the workplace and the neighborhood. This funny and on-target trio of plays focus on the humorous side of growing older –– at least the side that the audience sees –– as Helen and Henry make some decisions that cause changes in their life. (Separate production order #3028)

TWO GUYS SITTING ON A BENCH BY A RIVER TALKING ABOUT STUFF OF NO IMPORTANCE TO ANYONE by Jerry Walker 2m Exterior. What do guys talk about? Well, no matter the age, the discussion rarely changes through the years; maybe it’s the discussions between even long-time friends since High School that keep us young at heart. (Separate production order #3222)


  • PERUSAL SCRIPT: The PDF of the first 1/2 of each scene is available: We Aint Dead YetPERUSAL
  • PRINT BOOK of WE AIN’T DEAD YET! –  listing for $13.95 is available through our PayPal shopping cart for $8.95 + shipping and Maine Sales Tax. ORDER #3223ap. (This book may NOT be used for production. It is for perusal purposes and the reading public only. There are certain things that are not in this version that are in the rented PRODUCTION SCRIPT [rentable below].)

  • KINDLE ebook version is available for $6.99 (HERE) This is not a legal copy for rehearsal/production purposes. but may be used as a perusal copy or for your reading pleasure. 

REHEARSAL MATERIALS For the Full Evening’s Performance

Any PDF purchased will be emailed to your email address — if you need to provide that to us (not the one on your PayPal account), EMAIL us. CDs will be mailed to a snail mail address. Before we ship any rehearsal material we will need your performance dates, the name of your organization and the theatre where you will perform.

  • Script in PDF format — Order #3223a : $25.00 (will be sent to you by email, from which you will be authorized to print copies for your production)

  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3223d : $65.00

  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3223e : $55.00

  • Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application


  • Daytime Players — February 2020
  • Windham Senior Citizen’s Center
  • Schoolhouse Arts Center — Standish, Maine
  • Tours to various Senior Centers
  • OLLIE at University of Southern Maine
  • Daytime Players


The following is how the credits should read in all programs, posters, fliers, handbills and other promotional advertising for the show:
We Ain’t Dead Yet!

an evening of short plays about Growing Older

Jerry Walker

NOTE: The names of the Playwright(s), Composer, Lyricist, and Bookwriter shall be equal in size, type, coloring, boldness, and prominence. No billing shall appear in type larger or more prominent than the billing to the Authors except for the title of the play.

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