The Sandy Hunter Saga • Plays of Coming of Age for Girls

by J.D. Newman (based on his novels)

Growing up, making choices, being responsible for yourself and the choices we all make might seem everyday to some, but for 12-year-old Sandy, it is a new and liberating experience.

Sandy has grown up under the influence of her widower, rugby-coach father and her athletic older sister Roxie. When her father and sister go to England for a rugby tournament, they leave Sandy in the care of her three great aunts, referred to in family lore as the “weird sisters.”

Episode One : Sandy and the Weird Sisters

Episode Two: Sandy and the Dance of Faith

The third play takes place 37 years after Sandy and the Weird Sisters/Dance of Faith and brings the story full circle as Sandy shares her twelve-year-old self with her own twelve-year-old daughter.

Episode Three: Clara and the Mermaids (Multi-venue play: live or virtual) 45-50 minutes

Clara and the Mermaids Radio Version 30 minutes

Clara and the Mermaids Theatrical Version — 60 minutes (COMING SOON)

All five plays are available in one Print volume for personal enjoyment and for perusal purposes. Productions may not be mounted from this volume.

Plays of the Sandy Hunter Saga by J.D. Newman • Volume 12 in The Theatre for Young Audiences Series (Available SOON)