LBT Creators-Authors • Alpha Listing

LBT Creators-Authors • Alpha Listing

Meet the CREATORS/AUTHORS of the Leicester Bay Theatricals Family

Leicester Bay Theatricals has optioned new works and new voices since its founding, in other companies, since 1978. We invite you to discover each of our playwrights, librettists, composers, and lyricists through these webpages. Click on an Author/Creator’s  name to see more about each member of the Leicester Bay Theatricals Family. If you wish to contact any of our authors, please feel free to email us.


Alpha Listing

Argetsinger, Jerry (playwright)LBT/ZT

Arrington, James (playwright)LBT/ZT

Aichelle, Genevieve (playwright) LBT

Baker, Harlan (playwright) LBT

Brewster, Allison (composer) LBT

Britt, Linda (playwright, lyricist) LBT

Britt, Collin (composer, lyricist) LBT

Brockway, Amie (Playwright) LBT

Bronson, J. Scott (playwright) LBT/ZT

Brown, Jody D. (playwright, author) LBT

Buck, Anthony (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT

Caverly, Tim (author) LBT

Chappell, Drew (author) LBT

Christian, Jim (playwright) LBT

Cole, Stephen (playwright, lyricist) LBT

Coles, Christie Lund (playwright) ZT

Collin, Martin R. (playwright) LBT

Davis, Pat (playwright) LBT/ZT

Dayley, K. Newell (composer) LBT/ZT

Duncan, Thom (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Evans, Steve Eaton (playwright, lyricist) LBT

Farnsworth, Ed (playwright) LBT

Ferrell, Deen (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT

Filichia, Peter (Playwright) LBT

Gaver, Alexandra Grace (playwright) LBT

Golightly, Max C (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Gourley, Wendy (playwright) LBT

Goodbody, Phil (composer) LBT

Graham, Ronny (lyricist) LBT

Hansen, Elizabeth (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Hogan, Barbara Howe (playwright, composer, lyricist)LBT

Howe, Jon Robert (playwright, lyricist)LBT

Hutchins, Brent (playwright)LBT

Jankell, Alice (playwright) LBT (soon)

Jarvik, Elaine (playwright) LBT

Kanecke, Ron (playwright) (LBT)

Kim, Susan (playwright) LBT

King, Gayanne Ramsden (playwright, lyricist) LBT

King, George (playwright, lyricist) LBT

Koepfinger, Coni (playwright, author) LBT/GNT

Kraus, Joanna H — (playwright) LBT

Lambert, James G. (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT

Lauer, Rob. (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT/ZT

Laycock, Tim (composer) LBT

Marbacher, Jes (playwright) LBT

Marshall, Harley (playwright) LBT

Martinez, Lyvia (playwright) LBT, ZT

Megliola, Michael (playwright)LBT

Mew, Patricia (playwright) LBT

Murset, Carolyn (playwright, composer, lyricist) ZT

Neiden, Daniel (playwright, composer) LBT

Newell, Neil K. (playwright, composer, lyricist) LBT

Newman, J.D. (playwright) LBT

Nii, Jenifer (playwright) LBT

Ogden, Mark (playwright, Composer, Lyricist) LBT/ZT

Olivet, Dean (playwright, Composer, lyricist) LBT

Ospa, June Rachelson- (Playwright, Lyricist) LBT

Payne, Marvin (playwright, composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Pearson, Carol Lynn (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Perry, C. Michael (playwright, composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Randle, Guy (composer. lyricist) LBT/ZT

Reck, Jennifer (playwright) LBT

Richardson, Claibe (composer) LBT

Rinear, Sheila (playwright) LBT

Rodgers, Ralph G, Jr (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Rogers, Thomas F (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Rosenburg, Joe (playwright) LBT

Samuelsen, Eric (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Sewell, Richard (playwright) LBT

Shepherd, Morag (playwright) LBT

Shields, Shirlee Hurst (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Simons, E. Gray III (playwright) LBT

Slover, Tim (playwright) LBT/ZT

Sokolov, Elliot (composer) LBT

Sorenson, Rodger (playwright) LBT/ZT

Stephenson, R. Rex (playwright, lyricist) LBT

Stewart, Mahonri (playwright) LBT/ZT

Stoddard, Mark (playwright, lyricist, author) LBT/ZT

Tirro, Stacy (playwright, composer) LBT

Tomek, Stephen (Playwright, author) LBT/GNT/ZT

Tucker, Emily Rose (composer) LBT

Ward, Matthew Martin (composer) LBT

Walker, Jerry (playwright) LBT

Williams, Taylor (composer) LBT/ZT

Young, Heather (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Young, James Brigham (Jamie) (playwright) LBT/ZT