James G. Lambert • Author and Composer

James G. Lambert • Author and Composer

James G. Lambert — was a playwright, lyricist and composer as well as a director and actor. He was active in theatrical enterprises wherever he lived. His wife, Elizabeth Lambert, survives him and lives in Provo, Utah. His children Julia Lambert Grogan, James D. Lambert and Christian Lambert have settled in various places around the country.

In 2011 we lost a great man, husband, father, friend and, in addition, I lost a collaborator when Jim died.

MUSICALS AUTHORED (listed alphabetically)

The Angel and the Rebel (unpublished)

Curses, Foiled Again! (at Eldridge Plays and Musicals)

Frontier! (unpublished)

Golden Dreams: A Romantic New Operetta (AVAILABLE through LBT)

The Homely Touch (The Tender Touch) [rights unavailable]

Jedediah! (ZT & LBT)

The Littlest Angel [rights unavailable]

That’s Life (unpublished)

Where Freedom Stands (ZT)

Where Freedom Stands Original Cast CD


Jim also has songs published with www.shiningsharonmusic.com

Christmas Is Coming — SOLO and SATB

The Lord’s Prayer — SATB

The Beatitudes — SATB (COMING)

A Shining Star — SATB