Where Freedom Stands • Original Cast CD

Where Freedom Stands • Original Cast CD

The Heritage of the American Family

A Musical

The Original Cast Album
Book by James G. Lambert
Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry & James G. Lambert

This is the epic story of the people of Utah and the Heritage they share. Two families serve to represent the families of the State. The Clarke family members are Mormon converts who brought civilization West with them as they were driven from place to place. The Lee Family, who are non-Mormons, brought with them in their move West the industrial revolution — and in the process — prosperity as well.
Though both families settled in Utah County, each family plays an important part in everyone’s heritage. Originally conceived for “America’s Freedom Festival at Provo” the theme is universal and the characters can be empathized with by all people everywhere.



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  • 45 minutes
  • 13 tracks
  • FROM: Zion Theatricals


  • WHERE FREEDOM STANDS  •  Company (6:50)
  • PATRICK HENRY “Give Me Liberty…”  •  Patrick Henry (1:20)
  • CONCESSIONS  •  Franklin, Washington, and Delegates (2:36)
  • LAY NOT UP FOR YOURSELVES  •  William (2:03)
  • WITHOUT YOU HERE  •  Abigail & William (4:32)
  • MOVIN’ WEST, MOVIN’ ON  •  Company (3:04)
  • WHERE IS THE PEACE?  •  Jason & Caroline (4:46)
  • AT THE END OF TRACK  •  Gandy Dancers (2:45)
  • BARNRAISING  •  Orchestra & Dancers (4:45)
  • THE LONG WARS*  •  Michael & James (3:39)
  • TOGETHER  •  James & Margaret (3:10)
  • A NEW WORLD  •  Abigail, Caroline & Company (2:44)
  • WHERE FREEDOM STANDS Finale  •  Company (3:09)



“The music is impressive, exciting and moving!” — PROVO DAILY HERALD



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