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Meet the Playwrights, Lyricists and Composers of ZT

Alpha Listing

Amundsen, Steve (composer)ZT

Argetsinger, Jerry (playwright)LBT/ZT

Arrington, James (playwright)LBT/ZT

Bronson, J. Scott (playwright)LBT/ZT

Card, Orson Scott (playwright) ZT

Coles, Christie Lund (playwright)ZT

Davis, Pat (playwright) LBT/ZT

Dayley, K. Newell (composer) LBT/ZT

de Azevedo, Lex (composer) ZT

Duncan, Thom (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Goldberg, James (playwright) ZT

Golightly, Max C (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Hansen, Elizabeth (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Lauer, Rob. (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT/ZT

Martinez, Lyvia (Playwright) ZT

McMurdie, Maughan W (composer) ZT

Metten, Charles (playwright/director) ZT

Murset, Carolyn Chatwin  (playwright, composer, lyricist) ZT

Obadiah, Daniel Kilyobas (playwright)ZT

Ogden, Mark (playwright, Composer, Lyricist) LBT/ZT

Olivet, Dean (playwright, Composer, lyricist)LBT

Oscarson, R. Don (playwright) ZT

Payne, Marvin (playwright, composer, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Pearson, Carol Lynn (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Perry, C. Michael (playwright, composer, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Perry, Janice Kapp (composer) ZT

Perry, Kenneth (composer) ZT

Perry, Steven Kapp (composer, lyricist) ZT

Randle, Guy (composer. lyricist( LBT/ZT

Redford, J.A.C. (composer) ZT

Rodgers, Ralph G, Jr (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Rogers, Thomas F (playwright, lyricist)LBT/ZT

Samuelsen, Eric (playwright) LBT/ZT

Shields, Shirlee Hurst (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Slover, Tim (playwright)LBT/ZT

Smoot, Margaret (playwright) ZT

Sorenson, Rodger (playwright)LBT/ZT

Stewart, Doug (playwright, lyricist) ZT

Stewart, Mahonri (playwright) LBT/ZT

Stoddard, Mark (playwright, lyricist, author)LBT/ZT

Taylor, M. Ryan (composer) ZT

Weyland, Jack (playwright) ZT

Williams, Taylor (composer) LBT/ZT

Young, Heather (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Young, James Brigham (Jamie) (playwright)LBT/ZT