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Meet the Playwrights, Lyricists and Composers of the Zion Theatricals Family

Since our founding, in other companies, since 1978, and finally now in Zion Theatricals, we have sought out new Creators/Authors and their plays and musicals that point towards God and his Glory. That Praise Him and our eternal Family. Click on an Author/Creator’s  name to see more about each member of the Zion Theatricals Family. If you wish to contact any of our authors, please feel free to email us.

Alpha Listing

Amundsen, Steve (composer) ZT

Argetsinger, Jerry (playwright) LBT/ZT

Arrington, James (playwright) LBT/ZT

Bronson, J. Scott (playwright) LBT/ZT

Card, Orson Scott (playwright) ZT

Coles, Christie Lund (playwright) ZT

Davis, Pat (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Dayley, K. Newell (composer) LBT/ZT

de Azevedo, Lex (composer) ZT

Duncan, Thom (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Goldberg, James (playwright) ZT

Golightly, Max C (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Hansen, Elizabeth (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Lauer, Rob. (playwright, lyricist, composer) LBT/ZT

Martinez, Lyvia (playwright) ZT

McMurdie, Maughan W (composer) ZT

Metten, Charles (playwright/director) ZT

Morrison, Davey (playwright) ZT

Murset, Carolyn Chatwin  (playwright, composer, lyricist) ZT

Obadiah, Daniel Kilyobas (Playwright) ZT

Ogden, Mark (playwright, Composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Olivet, Dean (playwright, Composer, lyricist) LBT

Oscarson, R. Don (playwright) ZT

Payne, Marvin (playwright, composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Pearson, Carol Lynn (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Perry, C. Michael (playwright, composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Perry, Janice Kapp (composer) ZT

Perry, Kenneth (composer) ZT

Perry, Steven Kapp (composer, lyricist) ZT

Randle, Guy (composer, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Redford, J.A.C. (composer) ZT

Rodgers, Ralph G, Jr (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Rogers, Thomas F (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Samuelsen, Eric (playwright) LBT/ZT

Shields, Shirlee Hurst (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Slover, Tim (playwright) LBT/ZT

Smoot, Margaret (playwright) ZT

Sorenson, Rodger (playwright) LBT/ZT

Stewart, Doug (playwright, lyricist) ZT

Stewart, Mahonri (playwright) LBT/ZT

Stoddard, Mark (playwright, lyricist, author) LBT/ZT

Taylor, M. Ryan (composer) ZT

Weyland, Jack (playwright) ZT

Williams, Taylor (composer) LBT/ZT

Young, Heather (playwright, lyricist) LBT/ZT

Young, James Brigham (Jamie) (playwright) LBT/ZT