James Arrington • Author

James Arrington • Author

James Arrington — Retired former Associate Professor, Former Department Chair at Utah Valley University. James Arrington was schooled professionally at The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. He went on to earn a Master for Fine Arts degree at Brigham Young University. Though already working professionally he became a sensation on the Western theatre scene when he created and starred in his one-man show Here's Brother Brigham which toured the U.S., Canada, and the British Isles. He went on to write, direct, and produce numerous theatre pieces including the one-man shows, J. Golden, Tumuaki! Matthew Cowley of the Pacific and co-wrote Wilford Woodruff: God's Fisherman. He wrote and starred in a quirky trilogy The Farley Family Reunion, Farley 2: The Next Gyration, and Farley Family Xmas. He followed with a charming musical Christmas Without Christmas!? He co-wrote the pioneer musical The Trail of Dreams and was commissioned by the Sesquicentennial Utah War
Committee to co-write and tour March of the Salt Soldiers: The Utah War. In between he wrote and produced a bevy of shorter pieces, and in fact, has written inall stage presentation modes but opera… and there’s still time!

He and his wife have served a mission for the LDS Church in Tennessee.

You can order video copies of many of his shows at James Arrington Productions