Marvin Payne • Author and Composer

MARVIN PAYNE  is an actor, writer, songmaker, and recording artist living in Alpine, Utah. After attending BYU on Music Performance and Creative Writing scholarships, he released a dozen albums of original songs and toured the country extensively as a solo concert artist throughout the decade of the seventies.
In the early eighties, his career expanded into the world of theatre and film, where he became the Man who Searches for Happiness, Sweeney Todd, El Gallo, and the Phantom, but is most often recognized in the mall as the guy behind daddy’s nose in Saturday’s Warrior. His acting has shown up on the Disney Channel, the major networks, and PBS. He is a familiar lead at Sundance. He is an inventor of Scripture Scouts (he is Boo Dog!) and the Allabout Family, and in the nineties focused increasingly on creative projects for children, which include writing and performing in Alexander’s Amazing Adventures and directing for MacMillan/McGraw Hill their Share The Music series, two hundred audio episodes for teaching musical principles to the nation’s elementary school children. He co-authored the musical plays The Planemaker, Sweet Redemption Music Company, Charlie’s Monument, Utah, Wedlocked, The Trail Of Dreams, and Take the Mountain Down, all of which have enjoyed extensive production. Along the way, he wrote Love And Oranges (The Love Book), Vivian, The Prodigal, a series of historical novels, and published some prize-winning poetry. In the new century, he is combining previous pursuits, recording and concertizing again. He is the father of eight children, all of whom follow their art professionally (except the babies), and the husband of Laurie Koralewski, a teacher, director, and actress.


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