The Planemaker • A Musical Fantasy

The Planemaker • A Musical Fantasy

The most unbelievable story you will ever believe in!

by Marvin Payne and Guy Randle.

Adapted as Story Theatre for the stage by C. Michael Perry.

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, Church Groups, Youth Theatres)

Young Lucas Lightbrow can fly — and not just in his dreams. But in those bright, yellow dreams is also Amy Fletcher. As they grow and marry, and bear a child, Amy dies and Lucas is left alone. Somehow the flying leaves Lucas. Then his relatives raise their son. But soon Lucas’ grandson, Merwin, comes to live on the farm. And he teaches his Grandpa that it’s all right to dream — and it’s even all right to fly. This musical is a delightful and insightful journey through life and love as we find out that there can be more to the stars than meets the eye. A wonderful contemporary score propels this story.


  • 5M 6F 4either OR The Concert Version featuring 1 performer (usually male)
  • Unit set with props
  • Costume for Story Theatre version should be abstract
  • Costume for the Storyteller should be comfortable, like an old friend telling a story around the fire.
  • About 1 hour
  • No Piano Vocal Score is available. It is really not needed, because the vocal book has all the music and lyrics which cue directly with the available PerformanceTraks Rehearsal CD.
  • Order #3015

Available for ALL producing groups.


“Music and story hold you spellbound. Every word paints a vivid image in the mind’s eye” — Mardi Gras Magazine.

“An ending you will never forget.” The Daily Herald (Provo).

“Payne soars through the flight of fancy nonstop, taking his audience on a delightful ride.” — Deseret News.

“We had a good turnout, lots of positive comments from the community.” — Vardan Rigby


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file is in PDF format and contains the first half of this musical: PlanemakerPERUSAL
  • #1 — ONCE I HAD A DREAM (Lucas and Narrators)
  • #2 — YELLOW (Narrators and Lucas)
  • SFX — School Bell
  • #3 — HEY, CRAZY BOY! (Miss T, Mother and Narrators)
  • #4 — ALL THE SUN I NEED (Lucas & Amy)
  • SFX — Wind
  • #5 — THE HARDEST THING (Lucas)
  • #6 — IF I COULD FLY (Merwin, Lucas & Narrators)
  • #7 — WHERE ARE MY HANDS? (Lucas)
  • SFX — Yellow Fire (sound button)
  • SFX — The New Plane (trumpets)
  • SFX — The Take Off (trumpets)
  • #8 — HOW DO YA FLY THIS THING? (Lucas and Narrators)
  • SFX — Flight To The Sun
  • #10 — THE MORNING COMES SO SLOWLY (Lucas, Amy and Narrators)
  • #11 — MAYBE A CHILD (Narrators, Lucas, Amy, Merwin and Cast)

SONG SAMPLES — files for some of the songs listed below (This listing is from the PerformanceTraks CD. The demos below are from the original 1978 album. Some tracks contain the narration of the storyteller, because the entire original cast was Marvin Payne, as he told this fantastic and wonderful tale, playing all the parts as well as the guitar)

PURCHASE the Original Cast Album now available on CD from Leicester Bay Theatricals for $14.99 HERE


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  • Script in PDF format — Order #3015a : $20.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • Vocal Book in PDF format — Order #3015b : $15.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • Piano Vocal Score — NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS TITLE. Cast learns music from Vocal Book and sings to PerformanceTrak.
  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3015d : quoted on application
  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3015e : quoted on application
  • Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application.
  • PerformanceTrak CD — use included of these ALL NEW TRACKS in the performance royalty quote (CD needs to be returned after your performance run.)


  • Covey Center for the Arts, Provo Utah — January 22 – March 27, 2021

  • Vert Auditorium by Vardan Rigby — February 2016
  • Premiered as a theatre piece at Spanish Fork High School where it won awards in competition — 1991
  • Toured extensively as a One-man show through the late 1970s and early 1980s


The following is how the credits should read in all programs, posters, fliers, handbills and other promotional advertising for the show:

A Musical Fantasy

Original Story, Music and Lyrics by
Marvin Payne and Guy Randle

Adapted for the Stage by
C. Michael Perry

The Most Magical Story You Will Ever Believe In!

NOTE: The names of the Playwright(s), Composer, Lyricist, and Bookwriter shall be equal in size, type, coloring, boldness, and prominence. No billing shall appear in type larger or more prominent than the billing to the Authors except for the title of the play. (In a press release all type, will of course, be the same size.) (When using the concert version the credit for C. Michael Perry will be omitted)


The Planemaker is presented through special arrangement with Leicester Bay Theatricals.  All authorized materials are also supplied by LBT,”

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Any producer, parent, family, archive or any other videographer is PROHIBITED from making a video of this show. No way. No how. No where. No Facebook postings, no YouTube postings or any other video of a performance of THE PLANEMAKER may be made, recorded, posted, shared — or anything like that — by the express wishes of the authors and copyright holders.

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