The Planemaker • 1978 Original Cast CD

The Planemaker • 1978 Original Cast CD

The most magical story you will ever believe in!

by Marvin Payne and Guy Randle.

Young Lucas Lightbrow can fly — and not just in his dreams. But in those bright, yellow dreams is also Amy Fletcher. As they grow and marry, and bear a child, Amy dies and Lucas is left alone. Somehow the flying leaves Lucas. Then his relatives raise their son. But soon Lucas’ grandson, Merwin, comes to live on the farm. And he teaches his Grandpa that it’s all right to dream — and it’s even all right to fly. This musical is a delightful and insightful journey through life and love as we find out that there can be more to the stars than meets the eye. A wonderful contemporary score propels this story.


  • 25 Tracks (with narration tracks included)
  • 72 minutes
  • Audio CD (January 12, 2019)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Leicester Bay Theatricals
  • Order #3015g

Available in February of 2019


“Music and story hold you spellbound. Every word paints a vivid image in the mind’s eye” — Mardi Gras Magazine.

“An ending you will never forget.” — The Daily Herald (Provo).

“”Planemaker” soars with wit and sensitivity. Payne has an unusual ability to communicate feelings, whether it be with his expressive eyes, his excellent timing in delivering lines, or his vocals. The script requires Payne to bounce back and forth between the roles, but bounce he does not. The transitions are more like the smooth, quiet meshing of gears. He is on the stage for nearly 90 minutes non-stop, and the audience’s attention is riveted to this master storyteller.” Laurie Williams Sowby, Deseret News.


  • #1 — MAYBE A CHILD (Narrator)
  • #2 — ONCE I HAD A DREAM (Lucas and Narrator)
  • #3 — YELLOW (Narrator and Lucas)
  • #4 — HEY, CRAZY BOY! (Miss T, Mother and Narrator)
  • #5 — ALL THE SUN I NEED (Lucas & Amy)
  • #6 — THE HARDEST THING (Lucas)
  • #7 — IF I COULD FLY (Merwin, Lucas & Narrator)
  • #8 — WHERE ARE MY HANDS? (Luca)
  • #9 — HOW DO YA FLY THIS THING? (Lucas and Narrator)
  • #11 — THE MORNING COMES SO SLOWLY (Lucas, Amy and Narrator)
  • #12 — MAYBE A CHILD (Narrator)

SONG SAMPLES — files for some of the songs listed below. The demos below are from the original 1978 album. Some tracks contain the narration of the storyteller, because the entire original cast was Marvin Payne, as he told this fantastic and wonderful tale, playing all the parts as well as the guitar)

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